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WITH Christmas day coming up in just two weeks time, Christmas markets around the UK will be in full swing.

With hundreds of stalls, each market offers festive food and drink, as well as gifts and souvenirs.

Some of the bigger markets also have attractions including rides, ice skating rinks and live performances.

Plus, as they're all in the UK, there's no hassle of booking a last-minute flight and hotel.

It means you have more money left over for a glass or two of mulled wine, and to pick up some nice presents.

Here are some of the best Christmas markets in the UK to add to your diary this year.

1. Winter Wonderland

The biggest Christmas Market in London, Winter Wonderland, is found in Hyde Park and runs from November 21 to January 5 this year.

Visitors can enter the attractions between 10am and 10pm and it is free to enter.

However, some attractions cost extra, such as ice skating and the Ferris wheel.

Book ahead of time on the Winter Wonderland website.

2. Manchester Christmas Market

This year, the Albert Square Christmas Market will run from November 8 to December 21.

Free to visit, there are over 300 stalls including food and drink as well as gifts and toys.

The markets will also spread out to other locations including Exchange Square and St Ann's Square.

Check the other locations on the Visit Manchester website.

3. Bath Christmas Market

Taking place from November 28 to December 15, the Bath Christmas Market can be found throughout the streets of the city centre.

It is free to visit, and will run from 10am until 7pm from Monday to Wednesday, with a later opening of 8pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Market stalls will close at 6pm on Sundays.

Check out the locations on the Bath Christmas Market website.

4. Birmingham Christmas Market

The Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham is opening from November 7 until December 23 this year – a week longer than usual.

Known as the most authentic German market outside of the country, the markets at Victoria Square are free to visit.

Guests can enter between 10am and 9pm.

Check out the location on the Frankfurt Christmas Market Birmingham website.

5. Edinburgh Christmas Market

From November 16 to January 4, Edinburgh's Christmas Markets are running at Princes Street Gardens.

They are free to visit, and are open from 10am until 10pm.

With the city popular around that time of year thanks to the famous Hogmanay celebrations, expect it to be busy.

Check out the location a the Edinburgh Christmas website.

6. Cardiff Christmas Market

The Christmas Markets in Cardiff will run from November 14 to December 23.

The stalls run across the streets in the City Centre including St John Street, Trinity Street and Working Street.

The market opening times are yet to be revealed, although could be similar to last year – opening from 10am to 6pm excluding Sundays which closes at 5pm.

Check out the location at the Cardiff Christmas Market website.

7. Christkindelmarkt, Leeds

Located at Millennium Square is Christkendelmarkt, Leeds' famous Christmas Markets are free to visit again this year.

Running from November 8 to December 21, the markets are open from 10:30am to 9:30pm from Monday to Saturday, with closing times of 7:30pm on Sundays.

It will also not open until 12pm on November 12 due to Remembrance Day.

Check out the location on the Christkindelmarkt website.

8. Winchester Christmas Market

Winchester's Christmas Market will open again this year at Winchester Cathedral, between 21 November and 22 December.

Opening times are 10am until 8pm from Thursday to Saturday, and 10am until 6:30pm Sunday to Wednesday.

The 100 stalls are free to visit although tickets to the ice rink start from £6.95.

Check out the location at the Winchester Cathedral events page.

9. Belfast Christmas Market

The Northern Irish Christmas Markets in Belfast will run at the City Hall grounds from November 16 to December 22 this year.

Free to enter, the stalls open from 10am until 8pm on Monday to Wednesday, but stay open until 10pm from Thursday to Saturday.

The stalls close at 6pm on Sundays.

Check out the location at the Visit Belfast website.

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