Are Greece holidays at risk? Country's tourism minister promises May 14 opening despite highest daily new Covid cases

GREECE has confirmed that they are still opening to tourists from May 14 – despite reporting the highest number of daily new Covid cases since the pandemic began.

Yesterday, 3,458 new cases were confirmed in Greece, overtaking the highest number during the peak in November.

Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis confirmed that they still have lockdown measures in place but is "confident" that cases will go down as the vaccine programme continued.

He told Good Morning Britain: "We are confident that in the next few weeks as the vaccination programme continues and takes effect and with help from the weather – the weather was very helpful in summer to bring the cases down – we will be able to lift the measures on the way to May 14.

"That's the date we will welcome tourists."

It is worth remembering that the UK is not able to go abroad yet as the lockdown rules ban non-essential travel overseas.

The UK government's Global Travel Taskforce will announce next month when a holiday abroad can go ahead with the earliest date from May 17.

However, experts have warned that this may be too early, as the vaccine rollout in Europe lags behind the UK.

In the UK, 37 per cent of people have had their first jab, compared to just 8.8 per cent in Greece.

Mr Theoharis also explained how Brits would be able to return following the EU's proposal of a Digital Green Pass yesterday.

He said: "What we want to do is to ensure people can travel. We have proposed if someone is vaccinated, they will not need a negative test.

"[However] it is not a requirement to be vaccinated in order to travel , because not everybody is able to be vaccinated yet.

"A negative test, a recovery from the illness, or a vaccination will be needed to be able to travel."

He added: "We are in discussions with the British government that we are doing it in a way that is safe."

Vaccine passports have been backed by Greece, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus as a way to get Brits to return to the country.

Turkey has said they won't require any form of vaccine passports for Brits to return.

Jet2 has added more flights to popular holiday destinations including to Greece due to demand.

The smaller Greek islands are being prioritised for the vaccine, with holidaymakers urged to book them instead.

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