A private jet could be yours! The president-elect of Mexico is selling his Boeing 787-Dreamliner

Looking to purchase a private jet? Now’s your chance.

The president-elect of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has his Boeing 787-Dreamliner up for sale, according to NPR and The Guardian. 

The plane is only two years old, fits up to 280 people and is praised by its soon-to-be former owner.

“It’s not just efficient and modern,” the president-elect told reporters Friday. “It’s a comfortable plane, with a bedroom, a restaurant, lots of space.”

Although Lopez Obrador admitted it takes about 500 million pesos (or about $25 million) to maintain the plane each year, he hopes to find a potential buyer from anywhere around the world.

“If you want to buy it, I’ll deliver it personally. We’ll have a ceremony and you’ll be traveling in a very important plane,” he said. “It’s not just the cost of the plane, the value of the plane, the usefulness of the plan: it’s the fame!”

Selling the jet to help pay for social programs was one of Lopez Obrador’s campaign promises, the news sites report, since his predecessors paid a lofty $218 million for it. 

The starting price for the jet is unclear.

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