11 things you shouldn’t do on a plane

Do everyone a favor and use the overhead bin space near your own seat. (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

When we board a plane, the goal is simple: to get to our destination as safely and pleasantly as possible. But sometimes we get in our own way. To be a safer and more courteous traveler, don’t make the following 11 airplane mistakes.

Avoiding some of these behaviors will keep you from getting on your fellow flyers’ nerves; avoiding others could even save your life. 

Try a new medication for the first time

Where would you rather be when you discover that Ambien makes you hallucinate or that you’re allergic to your new iron supplement – at home, with easy access to your doctor and a local hospital, or in a metal tube hurtling 35,000 feet above the Pacific? Never take a medicine in flight that you haven’t already taken for a test run at home.

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