Your Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Your Key Dates

This has been a massive year for you, Sagittarius baby! It’s been tough to manage all of these unexpected twists and turns, which says a lot because you LOVE a rollercoaster ride. The good news is that everything is about to come to a head. The bad news? Everything is about to come to a head.

First, take a moment to think back to January 31 and June 18—what was happening on those dates, respectively? Who was involved? If certain stories were left unresolved, don’t be surprised if similar themes begin to resurface. On November 8, Saturn and Neptune connect for a third and final time. For you, Sagittarius love, this cosmic alignment is practically deus ex machina: Just when you thought the situation was hopeless, you’ll stumble upon an incredible solution. This lucky bond doesn’t come around often (it last occurred in 1996 and won’t happen again until the year 2031), so it’s not to be taken lightly! Embrace the rewards!

November’s only Full Moon occurs on November 12, when the Moon in Taurus forms a powerful opposition to the Sun in Scorpio. We receive information during Full Moons, so don’t be surprised if important details are brought to light under this electric sky. Sure, you’ll want to keep an eye on your inbox, but it’s more likely you’ll be receiving this information telepathically. Under this sky, your psychic abilities will be extremely sharp. Remember, your intuition will never steer you wrong.

Mercury retrograde finally finishes on November 20—and just in time! Sagittarius season officially begins on November 22, and you’re ready to party. Astrologers refer to a birthday as a “solar return” because the Sun in the sky returns to the exact place it was when you were born. Likewise, you’ll enjoy a surge of confidence and creativity during your solar return. The next few weeks are all about celebrating the magick of you!

The Moon joins the party on November 22, blanketing the night sky in gentle darkness. For you, Sagittarius love, this aligns your emotions with your external realities. Use this lunation to reflect on the past, present, and future. Take note of where you at this exact moment, breathing compassion into the parts of yourself that are still transforming. You’ll always remember 2019 as a year of extraordinary change—let this New Moon in your own sign help you find some solid ground. You deserve it!

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