Your horoscope with Lilith

Venus in the sign of charm and harmony while forthright Mercury in foot-and-mouth mode promises interesting interactions this week…

ARIES: Venus spending a month in Libra, opposite sign on the zodiac wheel and your partnership zone, spotlights the Aries approach to friendship and partnering up. Habit patterns become clearer during this valuable time for cleaning up your act of unsuitable connections, making more time and energy available for beneficial ones.

Sagittarius, the Archer.

Sagittarius, the Archer.

TAURUS: Don't be fooled by the dramatics: this week values stability and reliability. Your prima planet Venus supports sprucing up health initiatives and resolutions you haven't got around to yet. And whether to speak up or keep the peace? Only you know which is more important to you right now.

GEMINI: While Mercury's placement has your mind focused and your decision-making abilities peaking, don't fritter away this fabulous mental energy on tweets and reruns. Venus going back over old ground is giving you another shot at something that didn't achieve lift-off first time around and now has a better chance.

CANCER: Venus retrograde transits usually give lingering relationship issues another chance for resolution – something well worth sorting before the season of unreason hits. And isn't it time for more of that mischievous Cancerian playfulness in your life? In the midst of having fun, a sudden brilliant idea could go viral this week.

LEO: With outsize emotions running amok, constructive self-questioning gets a big yes this week. Clear your thoughts of the past, and don't be too proud to say out loud how you're feeling. Remember in the midst of things going wrong that being grateful for what is going right invites in more of the same.

VIRGO: With your personal planet Mercury rollicking into Sagittarius it's time to get out there, promote yourself, invite the wild side of Virgo for a ride. Venus in your house of stylish indulgence wants to splurge and why not – though leave makeovers till after mid-month when Venus is out of retrograde.

LIBRA: Venus in your sign is excellent for re-jigging business contracts and smartening up partnership agreements. While she's retrograde, it's worthwhile re-investigating something you love that's been neglected or left unattended – something that with a style-up and a little love might also bring in a few extra dollars.

SCORPIO: You won't be thinking small this week. But share that brilliant big-picture idea in increments so you don't overload others before they've had a chance to get on board. You know this could be a winner. Look for the signs and signals, cues and clues for when you're on – and off – track.

SAGITTARIUS: What we don't know can hurt us – and others. So are you ready to open Pandora's box this week? As if anyone could stop you… Time to let go grudges and behaviours past their expiry date, bidding them a graceful and grateful adieu before Jupiter zooms into Sagittarius next week.

CAPRICORN: Loyalty, reliability, determination: this week has them. Along with their flipside of betrayal, mind changing and indecision… ah, the rich tapestry of life. In this transit of the chatterbox it pays to keep messages positive, so if you're not sure whether to say or post something, better to play it safe.

AQUARIUS: Contrarian Aquarians will enjoy Venus retrograde in their house of freedom, travel and humour. As this week brings a lighter heart and sense of liberation, your mind's in overdrive and your unique abilities in demand – though do try not to insert your foot into your mouth.

PISCES: Just as an existential exercise, try leaning into rather than away from this week's rebellious personalities and surging oceans of emotion. Not judging or trying to fix anything, just listening. It's surprising how much a calm presence can achieve, and how helpful it is in your own love or money discussions.

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