Your Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for May

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You’re celebrated for your unparalleled work ethic, sharp pragmatism, and tireless tenacity…but that doesn’t mean you aren’t a creative soul! One of the most common misconceptions about Capricorn is that this sign is the zodiac’s own Monopoly Man, but—real talk—that’s just another patriarchal projection. Capricorn is symbolized by the sea-goat: A mythological creature that can traverse both land and sea, illustrating the way you can navigate both terrestrial responsibilities and submerge deep within the emotional landscape. This duality speaks to your incredible artistic spirit and, on May 11, when the Sun and Moon align to form a New Moon in Taurus—activating the area of your chart associated with creativity, passion, and pleasure—you’ll identify with your more abstract sensibilities. Whether you’re enrolling in an acting class, investing in a watercolor set, or even experimenting with an edgy asymmetrical haircut, embrace your playful sensibilities. This is about having fun!

Just a few days later, on May 13, Jupiter—the planet of expansion—drifts into Pisces for the first time since 2010. It’s been a long time since this gas giant occupied the area of your chart associated with technology, innovation, and collaboration, and its presence in this sector is perfectly timed. Over the next few weeks, don’t be surprised if you discover that your expanded community plays a critical role in your success—not just professionally, but also spiritually. Simply put, you feel better when you help others, so don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to support the issues that speak to your soul. Keep in mind, however, that Jupiter will return to Aquarius’ domain via retrograde on July 28, so anything you begin now is planting seeds for the year ahead. You got this!

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Next up, on May 20, the Sun moves into Gemini, launching a brand new astrological season. I know you’re not going to believe what I’m about to say, but Gemini season is an excellent time for you to take a break from your long-term goals. Before you blow a fuse, let me explain: Gemini illuminates the area of your chart associated with tasks, responsibilities, and day-to-day structure. This is a critical opportunity for you to take inventory on your schedule, ensuring that you’re spending your time—the most precious resource of all—wisely. It may seem trivial, but allocating ten or fifteen minutes each day to actively process your experiences in a journal will help you stay focused, maintain productivity, and align with your greater life’s purposes. It’s a small investment that offers a huge reward, and with the Sun now shining on your calendar, this is the time to put it into action!

Get ready for eclipse season! On May 26, a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius will electrify the sky, kicking four-weeks of…well, who knows what! Eclipses speed up time by expediting the inevitable, so whatever was going to happen will be happening sooner than you could have ever imagined. Now, you’ll discover that—in order to transform—it’s imperative that you create healthy, sustainable, and scalable systems on both the physical and psychological planes. Remember, Capricorn darling, “wellness” is more than a trendy hashtag. It’s integral to your quality of life, a reminder that life isn’t just about surviving, it’s also about thriving. And, under this Blood Moon, you’ll discover exactly what that means for you. Enjoy!

I wish I could conclude the horoscope right there…but there is just one more thing I need to flag. On May 28, the planet of communication realizes it’s time to perform an acrobatic routine, which could only mean one thing. Yes, my love, Mercury Retrograde is back…and it’s just as #facepalm as ever. Through mid-June, even the most innocuous typo could devolve into an epic calamity, so be sure to keep a watchful eye on your texts, emails, and even DMs. Most importantly, however, I implore you to avoid gossip at all costs. For real. With Mercury going backwards in chatty Gemini, anything that you say can and will be used against you: Screenshots can be incriminating, and I know you definitely don’t want your petty remarks to get into the wrong hands. When in doubt, remember the Golden Rule: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Get it? Got it? Good!

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