Your Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for September

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Say hello to September, Aquarius! You’re diving into the unknown as the month begins and Venus enters Virgo on September 4. You’re finding yourself even more interested in the inner workings of your mind. This is a period of healing and transformation. You’re ready to embrace more of your vulnerability to forge deeper bonds with others. Partnered or dating Aquarians–life is about to get steamy! Intimacy and connection through sharing pieces of yourself will remind you that you never are alone. You will always have those who support you and believe in you.

Mercury Retrograde begins in Libra on September 9 and you’re rethinking your long-term plans and life perspective. Do they still align? Is there something you could be investing your time in learning that will help you reach some of your goals? If you’re traveling or planning to soon, get some travel insurance! Delays and unexpected surprises are bound to pop up.

A Full Moon in Pisces on September 10 brings some financial matters to a head. Perhaps you finally committed to making a big purchase you’ve been thinking about, or you received news at work about a potential raise or promotion. Financial opportunities can find you under this lunation, and you may also be settling some debt or revamping your budget.

Sexual tension is in the air on September 16 when Venus in Virgo clashes with Mars in Gemini. This is a steamy aspect that can help you reconnect with your playful, sexual side. It can also have you giving into some overindulgences. Pay attention to your vices and your need to convince yourself that you are simply inviting more play and fun into your life. There is a delicate balance between letting loose and allowing yourself to relax; moderation is your friend today.

The Sun enters Libra and the Fall Equinox arrives on September 22. Your curiosity is steering the helm of your ship! You’re eager to soak up all life has to offer and expand your perspective through life experience. This is a philosophical area of your chart that may have you reconnecting with your faith or spiritual practices. The Fall Equinox opens a doorway to remind you of all you’ve accomplished so far this year. You’re halfway through the astrological year. What seeds did you plant at the beginning of the season? On the same day, the Sun and Mercury share a kiss at the same spot in the sky, delivering new information and insight. Stay open to signs and messages–they will arrive in the most unexpected of ways! A new path forward will reveal itself.

Mercury Retrograde moves into Virgo on September 23, prompting you to shift into a more introspective mood. This is an aligned time to do the emotional and psychological work you’ve been avoiding. Your mental health matters, and you have an opportunity to transform yourself. You’ve just got to take the first step!

A New Moon in Libra on September 25 stirs up interest in a new area of life. Maybe you’re ready to learn a new language, sign up for a class you’ve been dying to take, or you’re booking a trip of your dreams. You’re ready to soak up new experiences.

Venus, the planet of love and harmony, enters Libra on September 29. When Venus moves through this part of your chart, your relationships respond to mental and intellectual connection. Did someone say witty banter? This is also a cosmically supported time to book some travel. Venus will deliver blessings when you listen to your curiosity and let it guide you.

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