You can now get reusable cotton buds to help tackle plastic pollution

We’re all aware of the need to cut down on single use plastics by now.

And there are some products in particular that have been focused on – straws and cotton buds.

We’re slowly cutting out straws and getting more used to paper or reusable ones.

But there aren’t many alternatives to a cotton bud.

You’ve probably used them to remove earwax (despite medical experts recommending against that) but they’re great for cleaning up make up or many other delicate tasks.

An astonishing 1.5 billion are produced everyday. They are used once and thrown away but when they end up in the sea, they kill sea creatures.

LastSwab is apparently the world’d first reusable version.

It comes in two versions – the standard shape and one specifically for makeup – and comes in 10 colours.

You simply use the product, wash it under water and then put it back in the storage case, ready for the next time you need it.

The LastSwab is biodegrabable and the packaging is made from eco-friendly cardboard.

The Danish designers FACO CHP are currently looking for funding on Kickstarter to launch the product, with the lowest priced two, three and five packs already selling out.

You can still pick up a 10 pack for $95 (£73.53) or a 30 pack for $215 (£166.40). As they are reusable, it might be worth picking some up now and sharing them with friends and family.

FACO CHP CEO Nicolas Aagaard said: ‘We strongly believe that the age of single-use plastic as well as the“use and discard culture” have come to an end and the recent legislative measures from EU support this vision.

‘We want LastSwab and upcoming reusable products to be part of a future where we are much more thoughtful of how we spend our resources so that maybe our grandchildren will laugh at how grandad used to throw out products he had only used once, as if there was a planet B.’

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