Would YOU pay £5,400 for a six-pack?

Would YOU pay £5,400 for a six-pack? High-flying business women turn to an exclusive body transformation service to get ripped in as little as eight weeks

  • EXCLUSIVE: London’s Ultimate Performance Fitness has seen more career women looking for quick solutions that fit into their busy schedules 
  • They are prescribed personalised programme by a trainer and nutritionist 
  • German Body Composition is effective as it combines exercises in sets
  • However, cost of 12-week programme starts at £5,434 

Transforming your physique takes hard work and dedication, but high flying career women who want to see results fast are turning to an elite fitness service that promises results in as little as eight weeks. 

London-based Ultimate Performance Fitness has seen an upsurge in high flying career women seek out its elite personal training programmes as a way of fitting a total body transformation into their hectic schedules. 

From devising a fitness programme that fits their lifestyles to correcting poor diet choices, eating on the move at irregular hours, they’re willing to pay more than £5,000 for a transformation package. 

Each woman was prescribed a personal exercise plan by a trainer, featuring German Body Composition – a style of exercise where specific exercises paired in sets, usually one upper body paired with one lower body exercise, for maximum effect. 

They were also prescribed individual diet plans, swapping high street lunches and junk food for ‘clean’ meals such as lean protein with roasted veg. 

However, the transformation doesn’t come cheap as prices start from £5,434 for a 12 week personal training programme at the Kensington studio.

Here, three women who have undergone a gruelling fitness programme with one of UP’s elite trainers reveal how they got into the best shape ever in record time. 

Sarah Toomey, a 38-year-old senior sales executive from London lost over a stone in just eight weeks and says she now feels more positive about the future than ever 

Sarah Toomey, 38 years old senior sales executive.

8 weeks to shape up: Lost 1st 4lbs

Sarah from London has held several high powered roles before her current position including senior retail account manager at Amazon and global head of sales at Vodafone.

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She was struggling to beat her bad nutrition habits and stick with the consistency required with fitness to get back into shape.

‘I’d gained weight, was out of shape and had lost my mojo. My clothes didn’t fit and I was fed up of looking and feeling rubbish,’ she said.

Sarah was able to achieve her transformation in eight weeks with three sessions with a personal trainer and one spin class 

Sarah pictured on holiday in Skiathos after her transformation. Within days of swapping her takeaways for lean meat and veg, she was already looking and feeling much better

Sarah would skip breakfast and then grab a sandwich at lunch and eat a takeaway and drink wine in the evening.  

Sarah’s workout 

10,000 steps per day, 

One cardio class per week such as spin 

1-hour German Body Composition workout with PT 3x per week 

A1: Weighted lunges 3×12

A2: Overhead Press 3×12

B1: Hamstring Curls 3×12

B2: Lat Pull-Downs 3×12

C1: Pendulum squats 3×12

C2: Seated Cable rows 3×12

D1: Weighted crunches 3×12

D2: Prowler pushes 3×12 

The programme involved substantial meals such as a three egg omelette with mixed vegetables and turkey mince with avocado and veg for lunch. 

‘The Nutrition Plan is very clean and although it’s prescriptive, I didn’t find it restrictive due to the variety and flexibility of choosing different food combinations.

‘It also reminded me that “real” food is not only tasty, but fills you up; keeps your energy levels high and creates an overall feeling of wellness because you are fuelling your mind and body with the right stuff. Within days, I looked and felt better.’

While Sarah quickly noticed a change in her body, her transformation went beyond the physical.  

‘Doing the transformation is a holistic process and has genuinely improved everything,’ she explained. 

My energy, skin, physique, creativity, sense of calm and I’ve never slept better in my life.

‘I feel like I’m back to the best version of me, both physically and mentally and I’m super positive about the future.’

Sarah’s diet before 

Breakfast – none

Lunch – Sandwich or a wrap or a burger

Dinner – Pizza/Takeaway and Bottle of Wine

Snacks – Chocolate, crisps and dips 

During the programme 

Breakfast: 3 egg omelette, mixed veg

Lunch: Turkey mince, broccoli, Green Beans and avocado

Dinner – Salmon fillet, roasted veg

Snack: Protein shake, nuts, blueberries 

Carolyn Thorsen, 28, commercial analyst

15 weeks to shape up: Lost 1st 10lbs

After just 15 weeks, Carolyn was weight was back to what it was when she left university after years of trying  ‘every single diet, every single type of workout’.

‘I even talked to people who said it wasn’t possible; they told me I’d never look like how I did at 22 years old. They were wrong. I’ve surpassed how I looked in my college years. I’m thrilled.

Carolyn Thorsen, 28, a commercial analyst lost 1st 10lbs in 15 weeks and got back to the weight she was in her early 20s after years of trying every diet and exercise programme she could 

Carolyn (pictured left, before losing weight) struggled with her confidence and body image, and couldn’t seem to lose weight or shape up no matter what method she tried. She found the key was having a programme tailored to her individual needs, rather than following a regime she found online (right, after losing more than a stone)

‘My body before reduced my confidence levels a lot. I lived in New York previously to living in London and you’re surrounded by beautiful people all the time, so it can take a mental toll on you and really knock your confidence in your self-image.’

Carolyn’s exercise regime 

10,000 steps per day. 

1-hour German Body Composition workout with PT 3x per week,

A1 Trap-bar deadlift 4×8-10

A2 45-degree incline Dumbbell press 4×8-10

B1 Leg press 3×10-12

B2 Seated cable row 3×10-12

C1 Lying Leg Curl 3×12

C2 Dumbbell lateral raises 3×12

D1 Watt Bike Sprints 3-5 x 30 second intervals  

‘Having the diet personalised to me made the biggest difference in my nutrition. 

‘Even towards the end, the weight and body fat drops slowed down because I was getting quite lean, but this was managed and I still saw the results every time I had an assessment on my progress with my trainer Kevin.’

‘The most important thing I learned was that you need to do what fits you as an individual. 

‘Simply following a diet or exercise regime that you find online will not be enough because it’s too general.’

‘At UP everything is tailored to you. The workouts can be switched to make certain exercises suit your body and how you move. 

‘My trainer, Kevin, would make little changes to both my training and diet based on how I was progressing. So it was a big relief to see the results when you stick to the plan you are given.’

Carolyn’s diet before 

Breakfast: Greek yoghurt and granola

Lunch: Boiled Eggs, hummus, carrots, salad from Pret

Dinner: Chicken, sweet potatoes, green vegetables

Weekend ‘splurges’ at Nandos and Honest Burger 

During the programme 

Meal 1: Oily fish or red meat and green vegetables

Meal 2: Chicken/White Fish, vegetables and cashew nuts

Meal 3: Chicken/White Fish, vegetables and avocado or feta cheese

Meal 4: Casein Protein 1 scoop 

Vicky Fry, 45, CIO for a group of independent record labels 

20 weeks to shape up: Lost 2st 12lbs

After completing her 20 week programme, Vicky has a six pack for the first time in her life and says she’s in better shape now than she was a teenager after losing almost three stone. 

‘I can walk into shops and not worry about trying on clothes for the first time ever. But that also spills out into your overall sense of confidence and self-esteem. 

‘It gives me the confidence to try new things – like a survival weekend in Wales. I don’t feel held back anymore. It’s extraordinary what a difference that makes.’

Londoner Vicky Fry, 45, CIO for a group of independent record labels lost almost three stone and says she’s in even better shape now than when she was a teenager

Vicky, pictured before she lost weight, had fallen into bad habits of eating late in the day, drinking before bed and snacking on chocolate as she tried to combat the stress of her busy working life

Vicky, pictured on an Evererst climbing expedition after losing weight. She’s now improved her sleep patterns and energy levels after losing almost three stone 

Vicky’s busy lifestyle had left her stuck in a rut, and not eating or sleeping properly.

‘I typically get quite anxious about my work and I also work quite long hours. I got into a habit of working really late, drinking before I went to bed and then waking up anxious and worrying about work. 

Vicky’s exercise regime

10,000 steps per day

1-hour German Body Composition workout with PT 3x per week

A1: split squat 3×8-10

A2: cable row 3×8-10

B1: dumbbell press 3×8-10

B2: incline hyperextension 3×8-10

C1: lat pulldown 3×10-12

C2: leg press 3×10-12

D1: bike sprints 3 x 30 seconds

‘I’d not eat until 2 or 3 o’clock in the afternoon and it wasn’t a priority, so I’d eat badly.

‘Too many snacks, not enough proper meals left me feeling low on energy and actually a little bit toxic. Your skin doesn’t feel very good, you look a bit grey and quite jumpy and anxious.’

She started a programme of doing one hour of German Body Composition training with a personal trainer three times a week, and making sure she got 10,000 steps in a day. 

German Body Composition training is a style of training where you do specific exercises paired in sets, usually one upper body paired with one lower body exercise. 

Vicky was always reluctant to go on a calorie controlled diet because she’d seen other people become obsessed with counting the numbers and then going straight back into their old eating habits at the end. 

However, she was pleased to discover it wasn’t about calorie counting but swapping her snacks with simple meals of lean protein and vegetables.  

‘I have been able to carry that through to social occasions so if I’m out at a party and there’s a big cake, I can have a bit of cake – it’s not going to kill me. I just don’t do it every day. In a way, it’s been quite liberating.’

Vick’s diet before 

Breakfast – None

Lunch – Salad from Pret in the middle of the afternoon

Dinner – Pasta or ready meal

Snacks – Chocolate 

Drinks: Alcohol 

During the programme 

Meal 1: 120g salmon fried in 10g olive oil, 150g vegetables

Meal 2: 120g beef, 150g veg, almonds

Meal 3: 120g chicken breast, 150g vegetables fried in 10g coconut oil

Meal 4: 120g haddock, 150g veg, 65g avocado 









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