Woman’s mushroom pasta dish roasted as foodie says it looks like an ‘enema’

Now we all have days when we cannot be bothered to whip up a gourmet style meal for dinner.

From picking up a takeaway or chucking a few frozen chicken nuggets in the freezer, sometimes it is just a struggle to cook from fresh.

However, one foodie has had a ago at cooking themselves up a creamy mushroom pasta dish.

But, has been overwhelmingly trolled for their attempt.

Posted to the food critiquing Twitter page @ratemyplate , tonnes of people have mocked the dish that was submitted by “Gabriella M.”

Attached to the post is the “creamy mushroom spaghetti” in question.

Served in a sausage dog patterned bowl, the thick pasta was heaped amongst some slimy looking mushrooms.

Although Gabriella added some cheese for a bit of extra flavour, she opted not to use a grater.

Instead, the budding chef has broken the cheese into randomly sized pieces.

Questioning Gabriella's take on a creamy mushroom spaghetti, many people fled to the comments to share their disgust at the plate of food.

One person commented: “My dog had worms once and a good strong laxative produced similar results.”

Another user added: “Looks like you found it at the bottom of last weeks bin.”

A third person questioned: “Could you not be a**** to grate the cheese?”

Someone else declared: “Looks like an enema.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user remarked: “It looks awful but probably tastes good.”

Let us know in the comments what you think of the creamy mushroom pasta!

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