Woman’s bizarre hack of rinsing minced beef after it’s cooked divides viewers

A woman's controversial tip for cooking minced beef has sparked such a fierce debate on TikTok that she has deactivated the comments.

In a video that was watched more than 6 million times, user @eemilydharperr says: "Let me show you what I learned in nutrition a couple of years ago."

The TikToker then opens a pack of raw minced beef and starts frying it in a pan until it is cooked and brown.

Emily then zooms in on the fat bubbling away in the pan and adds: "All this grease is disgusting – so get rid of it!"

She then puts a colander in the sink and fills it with her browned mince and rinses it through with water to remove most of the animal fat.

The home cook then puts the mince back in the pan and seems pretty happy with the result.

"Look at the difference!" she exclaims as she stirs the mince to prove that the grease is no longer there.

While some viewers suggested "don't know it til you've tried it", others were absolutely appalled and claimed the beef flavour had gone "down the drain".

One user blasted: "This is crazy! Do all of you also rinse off a steak after it comes off the grill?"

"People who are surprised by this did not have a mum on Weight Watchers in the late 1980s," argued someone else.

A study in the UK found that minced meat labeled "lean" can actually contain more fat than advertised and up to 25% more fat than the standard alternative.

This comes after a bloke was horrified after finding a cow's eyelid in his minced beef with the eyelashes still intact.

He said he picked it out of his meal and felt "sick", before complaining to the supermarket where he bought the product.

Back in 2013, there was a scandal when numerous food brands that sold minced beef were contaminated with horse DNA leaving many shoppers appalled.

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