Woman with microphone makes plea in Monaco for ‘sugar daddy with a boat’

As the saying goes – if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

And recently, Sophie Schmitz decided to put this into practice.

The influencer and businesswoman decided to cut to the chase and asked for what she wished for… a sugar daddy.

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Specifically, a loaded older man with a boat.

On a trip to Monaco, which is often seen as one of the world’s playgrounds for the rich, Sophie set her sights on her goal.

In a TikTok clip that has racked up thousands of views, Sophie donned a white skin tight dress with mesh sleeves.

Confidently, the blonde bombshell walked along the port at night where superyachts of the rich were docked.

With a wireless microphone in hand, Sophie set out to achieve her sugar baby dreams.

“I’m looking for a sugar daddy with a boat, I repeat, a sugar daddy with a boat”, she declared as she walked along to search for her potential wealthy match.

Since going viral, it seems that Sophie has inspired others to seek out a sugar daddy with a yacht by using a microphone.

One person commented: “Same girl same.”

Another user added: “Say it louder.”

While a third claimed: “This is the only reason to buy these microphones.”

Someone else remarked: “Please let me know if it works, I live a couple hours away from Monaco, thanks.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person noted: “Looks like you’re in the right place.”


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