Woman who survived horrific fire celebrates burn scars with tattoos

A woman who covered her burns with multiple tattoos has been praised after an image was shared on a body modification group.

The Instagram page is called Body Modification and it has over 112,000 followers where it shares snaps of people's transformations.

Not only does it post people's changes over the years, it also inspires fans who are interested in ink and body modification.

Now in its latest post, it shared an image of a woman who was a victim of a fire and how she chose to cover her burns.

The post involves the woman, known as Lali, who proudly shared her chest burns while a second image showed her with tattoos.

In the second photo, she smiled proudly as she flaunted her multiple ink.

Lali has over 156,000 followers on Instagram where she shares her journey from the horrific incident in 2010.

Previously she shared three snaps, one from 2010, a second from 2015, and a third which is from last year.

The tattoo fan told how the process of recovering from the fire "had been difficult" but she came out stronger.

She said: "If you ask me what it was like before my burns, I don't have many memories.

"In my BEFORE BEFORE (2010) I remember myself happy, funny and always ready to have a good time.

"I liked being the person I was, happy, with typical insecurities of my age (18 years old), very friendly and quite free."

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Speaking about the life-changing moment, Lali added: "That process was very difficult, but it is the one in which I learned the most.

"I learned to do all my activities from scratch, such as walking, eating, writing, having the strength to stand up.

"My after (2020-present) – everyone sees how beautiful it is and I only see that everything I did during my 10 years ago paid off."

She finished her inspiring post telling fans to "be aware of what you overcome and not say in the comfort zone".

Lali concluded: "Even if you fail, never stop trying, because that is taking the first step.

"Little by little I am going back to being the one from 2010, even better, an improved version of what I was. If I could, you can."

Since it was posted it racked up over 12,000 likes, with one writing: "In all three you see yourself as an empowered woman."

Another praised: "I assure you that you are beautiful wherever I see you, before and after."

Others praised her body art and bravery for sharing her story.

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