Woman transforms cupboard under the stairs into luxury bedroom for her dog

Now that we’re in lockdown we’re all doing what we can to make sure our living spaces are as cozy and comfortable as possible… even for our pets.

One woman took it upon herself to use this time at home to create a special place for her dog to relax and unwind at home – and we are pretty jealous.

Paige Lloyd-Clarke, from Nottingham, hated looking at her dog’s cage and wanted her Boston terrier Winston to have somewhere altogether more luxurious to lay his head after a hard day of being a dog.

So, the 24-year-old textile design graduate transformed the cupboard under her stairs into a beautiful bedroom for her three-year-old pup, and it only cost her £36.

The proud pet-mum moved into her £105,000 two-bedroom home in November 2019. Paige decided in April that her barely-used under-stairs storage cupboard would make the perfect room for Winston.

She spent just £35.95 on the project, purchasing some adhesive floor tiles for £27, a new cushion that cost £4.95, and spending £4 in delivery costs.

To complete the 10 square-foot room, Paige gathered some leftover items from around her house including paint, picture frames, and artificial leaves cut from Ikea plants.

Husband, Martin, turned an old pallet into a bed for Winston and drew some artwork of the couple’s pets to decorate the walls.

The finished room is unrecognisable and needless to say, Winston loves his new bedroom – immediately venturing inside upon completion for a celebratory nap.

The couple have even found that there cat Sherlock enjoys the doggy den too, so no one is being left out.

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