Woman transforms cottage into pastel palace – saving £10,000 by doing it herself

When Sophia Ferrari-Wills bought her 1960s cottage with her husband Chris, she decided the plain magnolia walls were simply not for her.

Instead, she went about turning her new home into a pastel paradise.

After sharing her efforts on Instagram, she was able to leave her full-time job as a midwife to pursue a career as an interior influencer in April 2021.

Her home now has colour at every turn with an ice cream-themed office, a butterfly hallway and a mountain-themed bedroom.

Sophia, who is mum to four-year-old Clemmie and 20-month-old Minnie, said: ‘I am a girlie girl and pink always ties in with other colours as a neutral.

‘I use it in every single room and layer with other shades.

‘I’ve always been creative, but lockdown gave me the chance to completely overhaul.

‘I am a midwife health visitor and I used to take inspiration from other people’s homes.

‘I had a complete career change and still do the odd bank shift but at the moment I’m focusing on decorating and content creating.’

Previously, the kitchen was orange and oak with terracotta tiles and dark granite tiles – but Sophia painted it lilac, added a scallop edge and pink tiles.

Sophia, who lives in Cambridge, says her husband Chris is fully on board with her creative vision.

She said: ‘When I first met Chris, he was wearing a pink jumper, he loves the happy vibe and encourages me to explore my creativity.

‘Delivery drivers have asked to come in and have a look at the home because they’re intrigued by the colourful shutters and pink front door.

‘People who visit are always very complimentary and amazed.

‘Even some of Chris’ friends can’t believe he’s on board with the lilac kitchen but also that they like it too.’

The couple now have plans to build an extension and renovate the upstairs bathroom.

Also, Sophia’s oldest daughter, Clemmie, shares her mum’s passion for all things pink.

The mum said: ‘Clemmie expects everything to be pink, and if it’s not, she is really disappointed.

‘I think we have saved £5k to £10k by doing everything ourselves.’

Sophia’s tips for decorating:

  • Gather inspiration from creating mood boards.
  • Use testers on the walls you plan on painting – colours can look different depending on where the light hits.
  • Go straight in and do it – don’t be afraid if you don’t like it.
  • Don’t be afraid to wallpaper you can strip back and do it again.
  • You can buy affordable accents from everywhere – Sainsbury’s homeware brand is full of steals.

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