Woman told she’s wrong after sharing life hack for why knickers have tiny pocket

A woman proudly shared a handy life hack for how to use the tiny pocket on knickers – only for people to rain on her parade.

Anie Zabay shared a video on TikTok, asking viewers if they had ever noticed the feature on their underwear.

Taking out a Victoria's Secret hispter, she said: "What's the purpose of the pocket on your underwear? Watch this video and you'll learn today."

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Flipping the underwear inside out, Anie rolled down the waistband to the mid-point then rolled both sides inwards.

After folding it together, she turned the "pocket flap" over to hold the underwear in a rectangular shape.

"I actually just figured this out not too long ago," Anie continued.

"I love how my underwears are organised. I'm sure you'll love it too."

But viewers thought differently and were quick to tell Anie the pocket couldn't possibly be used for a storage hack.

One woman wrote: "No, that's not it. If you do so, the flap will get loose and uncomfortable and I'll have to cut it. No thank you."

"Wouldn't it be unhygenic?" a second asked and a third commented: "So you tell me they put a pocket inside just for organizing purpose, ummm."

Others shared their thoughts, with a TikToker saying: "I thought it was to put a thin pad in there in case of a leak."

"That's where I keep my emergency money," another joked.

The pocket is actually the gusset of the underwear, often made with moisture-wicking breathable frabic like cotton.

It's placed in the underwear to help to make sure genitals dry and ventilated.

The gussets also are highly absorbent and prevent friction, which can reduce the risk of infection.


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