Woman shares ‘proof’ social media is ‘fake’ as she easily hides 39 week bump

A heavily pregnant woman shared 'proof' that social media is 'fake' by hiding 39 week bump with a 'trick'.

Danae Mercer is a journalist and body positive influencer who is not afraid to show the 'real' side of the online world.

She regularly posts uplifting content to her 289,000 TikTok followers and 2.4million Instagram fanbase.

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Instead of proudly flaunting her stretch marks and cellulite, Danae recently exposed how easy it is to conceal a huge baby bump.

In a TikTok clip that racked up millions of views, the mum-to-be rocked a gorgeous red floor length dress.

"Proof you can't trust social media", Danae wrote over the clip while she posed in the mirror.

The influencer grinned with her red lipstick as she strategically crossed her legs while leaning to one side.

Danae's waist appeared to be cinched however when she turned to the side she revealed her large baby bump.

She continued smiling as she stood side on and held her pregnant belly.

"If it's this easy to hide a 39-week pregnancy, imagine what else is hidden", she voiced.

Shocked to learn of Danae's pregnancy, many people fled to the comments to share how the angle fooled them.

One person gasped: "Am I the only one who was fooled."

Another user added: "I hid my entire pregnancy while still posting weekly."

While a third voiced: "Whaaaaat! I didn’t know this! Congrats!!!!

Someone else claimed: "I see the bump, sorry."

Meanwhile, a fifth said: Whaaaat??? This is so amazing! Congratulations!

Elsewhere, a fitness content creator exposed the 'flamingo pose' which is gives an 'instant butt lift'.

Charlotte, known as itsmygrind, stood in the 'bird-like' stance by bending one knee and leaning on the same side.

From here, she popped her hip on the other side upwards to create the illusion of a curvier backside.


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