Woman says best part of night out is pooing in club toilet – and people agree

A woman revealed the best part of her night out is pooing in the club toilet.

Although using the loo is a private matter – when you've got to go, you've got to go.

And, it seems like no one knows this better than Mollie Fraser.

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The self-proclaimed 'Feral Rat' and mastermind behind 'Feral Girl Summer' which saw many women letting go and finding their 'chaotic side' is back at it again.

In a recent TikTok clip posted to her 25,000 followers, clubbing enthusiast Mollie candidly shared her routine away from the flashing lights of the dance floor.

The Blonde 'Feral Rat' leader questioned: "Why is no one talking about the most underrated part of a feral night out?!

"Pooping in the club bathroom," Mollie enthused.

"You leave feeling so skinny, refreshed, and ready to dance the night away.

"REAL feral rats poop in the club bathrooms."

Since being posted on 12 hours ago, the poo confession already racked up 349,000 views.

Many people fled to the comments to declare their shared love of a boozy fuelled club dump.

One person commented: "I enjoyed your account casually but now I respect you deeply."

Another user praised: "You're so real for this."

While a third confessed: "Me watching this video on the club toilet."

Someone else remarked: "Normalise popping in the club content."

Meanwhile, a fifth voiced: "The upside of being an IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) girl is I have no shame about pooping at the club."

However, not everyone was so keen.

One user fretted: "No cause the last time I did that someone walked in and said 'it smells like death in here'."

A second wrote: "My fear of nightclub toilets could never."

This person slammed: "I've done a lot of nasty things in a club bathroom but I just can’t get behind this."

As a fourth feared: "No because there’s never toilet paper and it’s always so hot."


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