Woman reveals her husband has asked her permission to have an affair

‘He offered to hire an escort to make me more comfortable’: Shocked wife, 38, claims her husband asked her PERMISSION to have an affair

  • A desperate mother has revealed her husband’s desire  to engage in an affair
  • Instead of sneaking behind her back he asks permission to commit adultery
  • However, his honesty has been hurtful and led to his wife ‘crying constantly’ 

A shocked wife has revealed the unusual method her husband has chosen to engage in an extra marital affair.

Instead of sneaking behind his wife’s back, the woman’s husband, 39, asked permission to commit adultery.

The shocking admission was revealed on an anonymous Reddit thread where the 38-year-old woman opened up about the state of her decade-long marriage.

‘Last week my husband asked if he could talk about something serious. I said “yes, of course”, we are always very open and honest with each other,’ the woman wrote.

A desperate mother has detailed her marital woes – and revealed the lengths her husband has gone to to engage in extra marital affairs (stock image)

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‘He tells me that he has been very distracted lately looking at other women and he hopes it hasn’t bothered me too much.

‘I have noticed him staring at younger women lately which isn’t normal for him but I figured there is no harm in looking.’

‘It’s not a problem for me if he isn’t obvious about it and I tell him so. He asks me to tell him if I notice it again so he can stop. I say that’s not my job and tell him he can stop on his own.

‘We keep talking until he blurts out that he is thinking a lot about what it might be like to have sex with someone else.’

However, despite their seemingly open channels of communication, the woman is convinced her marriage is doomed to end in divorce, despite her husband’s insistence he wants a ‘fling’.    

‘How is that fair to me or her. He offers to have a one night stand or hire an escort if it makes me more comfortable,’ she asked.  

The woman also revealed that her husband, who had not even kissed a woman before the pair met, had requested they legally separate for several months before later ‘reconnecting’ with one another (stock image)

‘How the f*** is that more comfortable. I’m crying constantly and I keep thinking this has to end in divorce.’

She also revealed that her husband, who had not even kissed a woman before the pair met, had requested they legally separate for several months before later ‘reconnecting’ with one another. 

‘He promises he will get therapy and learn to accept he is a one woman man until he dies,’ she wrote following the admission.

‘I’m crushed when he says this. I feel so petty. He assures me he can be fine again and asks me to just not worry about it.’

But despite the pain his honesty has caused the man’s wife, his frankness was lauded by some others on the website. 

‘He communicated how he was feeling and the issue to you, instead of cheating. He has done nothing except hurt your feelings, by being honest and truthful,’ said one very understanding user.   

‘I’d rather my feelings hurt a hundred times over than be cheated on ever again.’

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