Woman regrets using hair removal cream on vagina when it’s ‘left like red kebab’

A woman has issued a warning to her TikTok followers after she tried using body hair removal cream to remove her pubic hair – despite the bottle specifying not to.

Holly May Winter, who often shares videos of her hilarious blunders, took to the app after she used a bottle of Veet body and leg hair removal cream on her private parts.

While she acknowledged the bottle has a warning, telling customers to avoid intimate areas with the cream, she still decided to give it a go and immediately regretted it.

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In the video, which has gained more than 11,100 likes, she said: "Oh, hey there. If you were wondering if you could put this stuff on your cave of wanders answer is f**k no!

"I mean, it says not to on the tub. It says it's for like leg and body, but some people, some people – me – thought, 'hey, what's the harm, I'll give it a try.'"

She then described the pain as "stinging more than your anus after a Vindaloo poo" and said her privates now "look like someone has painted a kebab red".

"It all went smoothly, to begin with. It came off like a treat," she added.

"It was smoother than jazz, but about 20 minutes later, we started to have a problem. Burning of the beaver bush – or lack of bush.

"Catastrophe in the cat cave. Fire in the spam purse. It feels like nets in the lady garden. So yeah, it's a big no-no for the nunny.

"I mean it says body and legs – is my muller fruit corner not part of my body."

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Followers of her account @jollyhollysworld, took to the comments in hysterics over her blunder, with some users having made the same mistake.

One user wrote: "You never fail to make me laugh! Never change."

Another added: "The first pee afterwards aswell. Dear lord."

A third commented: "I've done this! sister said it was fine to use there so I did. NEVER AGAIN!"


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