Woman Refuses to Stop Breastfeeding Cat Aboard Delta Airlines Flight: Report

She had the hairless cat swaddled in a blanket like a baby.

A woman aboard a Delta Airlines flight was reportedly caught breastfeeding her cat.

The incident allegedly occurred on a flight from Syracuse, New York to Atlanta, Georgia last month; when airline staff asked her to stop, she reportedly refused and continued right on suckling.

According to Newsweek, the bizarre encounter came to light when a Twitter user posted a screen grab sent from an Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS), which allows pilots to communicate with the ground via short-form text messages.

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The message calls for help from a member of the Redcoat team at the terminal because the passenger in seat 13A “IS BREASTFEEDING CAT AND WILL NOT PUT CAT BACK IN ITS CARRIER WHEN FA (flight attendant) REQUESTED”

According to the outlet, a flight attendant who said she was aboard the flight posted a video on TikTok, describing the scene.

“This woman had one of those, like, hairless cats swaddled up in a blanket so it looked like a baby,” she said. “Her shirt was up and she was trying to get the cat to latch and she wouldn’t put the cat back in the carrier. And the cat was screaming for its life.”

“What does she do at home if she’s doing that in public?” she continued. “And then security met the flight just to tell her that she couldn’t do that again, cause it was weird and gross.”

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According to Delta Airlines policies, it allows mothers to breastfeed on flights, and also allows support animals on board; it does not have specific rules about breastfeeding those animals, however.

Back in 2018, Delta clamped down on the definition of support animals, as passengers insisted on bringing an increasingly diverse menagerie of creatures on board.

“Customers have attempted to fly with comfort turkeys, gliding possums known as sugar gliders, snakes, spiders and more,” the airline said in a statement at the time.

“Ignoring the true intent of existing rules governing the transport of service and support animals can be a disservice to customers who have real and documented needs.”

TooFab has reached out for comment on the latest incident.

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