Woman looks like she’s ‘boxed 10 rounds with Mike Tyson’ after eyelash reaction

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A woman has claimed that an allergic reaction to lash extensions left her looking like she'd boxed "10 rounds with Mike Tyson".

Jessica Shannon said her Russian lashes looked "absolutely stunning" when she had them done last month.

But after she woke up from a night out two days later her eyes were "completely swollen" and the 25-year-old was left terrified as her eyelids soon became completely stuck together. Before long, she couldn't see anything at all.

The former carer for the elderly went to A&E where she was told she had "corneal abrasion" – also known as a scratch on the eye.

It wasn't until a week later that her eyes fully returned to normal and she's hoping to raise awareness of the "severe and painful" reaction that lash glue can cause.

In a video showing the effects of the lashes, Ms Shannon's face can be seen to be swollen and almost alien-like has the top half of her face has puffed out.

According to Blowltd.com, Russian lashes are ultra fine synthetic lashes that are made from the "same fibres as classic lashes". But as they are much thinner a lash technician is able to apply more than one to each natural lash.

Ms Shannon, of Wetherby, West Yorkshire, said: "I'd gone out for a night out for my birthday and my left eye had gone a little bloodshot but it wasn't sore or itchy. I got home and went to bed and the following morning I woke up and looked like I'd done ten rounds with Mike Tyson.

"They were really sore and itchy which made me get up out of bed to look in the mirror and my eyes were just extremely swollen. It was painful – from then they were streaming with water and just dead itchy. It ruined my birthday."

The beauty lover said she had to bathe them in order for them to open slightly and was initially given some eye drops and antihistamines by a local pharmacist.

"Over the next few days they got really quite severe. I got to a point where I literally couldn't see anything whatsoever," she continued.

"They were both shut together and my eyes had gone really blurry. The only way I could explain it as like there was a film over my eyes. It was scary.

"(The doctors at A&E) said themselves that it was pretty nasty and I got given an antibiotic eye ointment and had a couple of cornea abrasions from where I'd been rubbing my eyes, I think I'd scratched my eyeballs."

She was given antibiotic eye ointment from the doctor and was told to continue using the medicine she'd picked up from the pharmacy.

The 25-year-old paid £45 for the synthetic lashes – but had them removed free of charge.

This wasn't the first time she'd had a reaction the these lashes, either, as the first time she'd had them done "they weren't fitted correctly and were stuck halfway down" her actual eyelashes – she had a slight reaction but it was "absolutely nothing" compared to her recent ordeal.

She still has "very itchy" eyelids, but her sight has returned to normal.

"I'd love to get my lashes done again but I don't know whether or not that's possible," she said.

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