Woman hatches brutal plan to catch husband cheating after finding condoms in car

A woman has revealed her very creative method of how she caught her husband cheating with her best friend.

After suspecting that her partner was up to something suspicious, the woman wanted to find out if he was doing the dirty.

But not wanting to confront him, the woman sought another method which was bound to confirm her inkling.

And, now she has ‘confessed’ her questionable tactics on a Facebook post.

She said: “When I was still married, I had a feeling he was cheating on me. I found a pack of condoms in his car. The box was already opened so I poked a hole in the wrapper of each one.”

From here, things really started to heat up – quite literally.

She said: “Then I proceeded to soak them in habanero pepper juice for an hour. I put them back in the car before he woke up.

“He told me he had to go help his mom with some things around her house. He left.”

After waiting for her husband to get back from ‘helping his mum’, the woman’s genius plan finally fell into place after she received a phone call.

Shockingly, her best friend called to say that her private parts were on “fire” – what a coincidence.

She recalled: “3 hours later my best friend called to tell me that she had sex with her “boyfriend” and that now she was on fire down there!

“My husband came home and placed an ice pack down there, saying he got burnt by something.

“Needless to say after that, he lost his wife and she lost her friend.

“Neither one of them knows what I did. Now if I see either one of them I always ask “Where’s the fire?”."


The original Facebook confession has now been posted to Reddit, with many people shocked at the woman’s chilli soaking condom method.

One person commented: “That guy must really have been wanting it. I mean he wears a condom soaked in habanero, which he should notice right away, but keeps it on and puts it in.

“That's commitment.”

Another user added: “That best friend's got balls though, calling her lover's wife to complain about a sex related accident.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “Boy would her face have been RED if those condoms had been for the local youth sex ed program…”

However, others were hesitant to believe the woman and questioned her story as to how she soaked the condoms in the chilli juice.

One Reddit user explained how she could have achieved this: “The sachet would be laced with the pepper juices, then the user would touch the sachet and touch his parts. Outside the box.”

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