Woman gets boyfriend’s name tattooed ‘across her heart’ – but is trolled

A woman has lovingly got her boyfriend’s name tattooed ‘across her heart’ – but people have questioned his reaction.

Amber decided to brave the needle to get her partner’s name, Darragh, inked on her body without telling him of her plans.

However, her permanent declaration of love has not gone down too well according to some.

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The couple often post their relationship shenanigans to their 273,000 TikTok followers but have certainly caused quite the stir in the comment section this time.

In a clip that has racked up 11.3 million views, Amber smiled at the camera as Darragh stood behind her unbeknownst to what she was just about to reveal.

As she lip synched to Beyoncé hit ‘Drunk in Love’, Amber rubbed a puzzled looking Darragh’s chest and mouthed: “Tattoo your name across my heart.”

"So it will remain, not even death could make us apart”, the song played out as she giggled.

Eager to expose her secret, the brunette unzipped her black jacket to showcase a freshly inked tattoo of Darragh’s name on her chest – much like in the song.

With the cling film still on for protection, Amber laughed as Darragh swooped in for a closer look at the body art.

Despite his name being sketched onto her skin, the lad did not seem too impressed.

After having a few words that are inaudible with the song playing over the top, Amber’s smile quickly began to fade.

Darragh held his hands out in shock and grabbed his girlfriend to get a closer look before he pointed at the inking.

The lad then turned to the camera with his mouth open wide as he appeared to be in a state of shock.

As reality settled in, Darragh gave Amber a hug and a big kiss on the cheek which brought a big grin back on her face.

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Viewers quickly dashed to the comments to give their verdict with many trolling her decision and relationship.

One mocked: “He like ‘I didn’t know we were taking the relationship this serious’.”

Another user jibed: “She’s going to regret that one. Ooouff.”

While a third slammed: “The regret this girl is gonna have in a while.”

Someone else speculated: “Something seems…a little off.”

Whereas, a fifth person remarked: “His reaction is by far the best I’ve seen to this, what a sweetie, love it!!!!”

However, this was not the first time that tattoos had caused some outsiders to comment on their relationship.

Darragh actually got Amber’s name inked across his chest first – and many thought her reaction was ‘awkward’.


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