Woman furious after neighbour dumps ‘very rude’ gift on her doorstep

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A woman was fuming when her neighbour posted an ‘insulting’ gift through their letterbox.

The dog owner, from Charnwood in Leicestershire, took to the Spotted Rothley Facebook group to complain about the unwanted present.

They shared a picture of a muzzle, which was likely intended for her pooch.

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According to the Mirror, the anonymous lass wrote: "Whoever dumped this at my doorstep can you come and collect it?

"My dog certainly doesn't need it and if you are implying that my dog barks or bites you are very mistaken.

"The only time he barks is if someone knocks on my door and this is very minimal.”

She added: "This seems a very rude course of action and perhaps you should reassess how you deal with problems that don't exist."

Locals didn't do much to calm the situation down.

Some even implied the muzzle could be a gift to her!

"Maybe it's for the owner who has a bark worse than her bite?" one person said.

Another resident suggested there might have been a misunderstanding, writing: "Maybe it was just dropped out of a shopping bag by mistake?"

But the dog owner was quick to clarify that the muzzle had been placed in her porch which is passed her driveway, meaning it must have been deliberate.

Many people suggested she sell the gift online, with one saying: "They're £10 on eBay, try and swap it for dog food."

"Sell it on eBay and take yourself out for lunch. Best way to deal with that and if they keep giving you more then you will have a free lunch for life," a second agreed.



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