Woman finds unexpected guest near her Christmas tree — and it wasn’t Santa

The only Christmas miracle here is the fact that everyone made it out alive.

When Leanne Chapman and her partner arrived at their home in Queensland, Australia, they weren’t expecting company. But when they came upon a cacophony of butcherbirds, a type of Australian songbird, on their porch, they soon discovered another visitor — and it definitely wasn’t Santa.

She told 7News that her partner was leaning against a potted fir tree on their porch to get a better look at the birds — not realizing he was practically hugging (or close to being hugged by) a 10-foot-long python.

“We came home from work, and there’s a couple of butcherbirds that visit every day, and they were just kicking off on the balcony, going crazy,” said Brisbane-based Chapman, adding that her partner started videotaping the birds.

“As he’s turned around and stepped back, he didn’t realize he was leaning on the Christmas tree with the snake wrapped around it,” she said.

The couple remained calm, deciding the best course of action would be to slowly retreat from the porch and hope the snake slithered away, which it did around 10:30 p.m.

“It wasn’t bothered by us,” she continued. “It just stayed there for a good few hours as we watched it through the window.”

Chapman added that they didn’t get a good look at the massive creature until it began to shift its position in the tree.

“It was big — really big,” Chapman said in awe. “After the initial shock wore off, it was a really beautiful snake.”

In the end, she admitted the killer creature actually brought her some Christmas cheer.

“It was actually quite nice to see it that close-up,” she said, “because I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

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