Woman claims ‘vabbing’ is ‘life changing’ as vaginal scent bags her holiday

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Vabbing is the latest way to secure a hot date, apparently.

While many still like to swipe on Tinder, some women are using their vaginal discharge to catch the attention of men.

Used as a 'personal' perfume, the daring daters put their juices on their pulse points – usually neck and wrists – in hopes to lure in a lover.

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And, vabbing veteran Jewlieah is all too familiar with the perks of the unconventional method.

The influencer and model found social media fame for her barrage of vabbing content.

She previously claimed she got 'free drinks all night' when she vabbed before going to the club.

But, free drinks are nothing compared to what vabbing has apparently secured Jewlieah.

In a recent TikTok clip, the brunette shared that her vabbing content funded a holiday and she has even been showered with gifts.

She titled the viral video: "Vabbing changed my life."

Jewlieah then filmed herself as she spoke in the mirror, she explained: "So I might know what you may be thinking.

"Isn't that the fat viral vabbing girl. And, yes, the answer is yes.

"Ever since those videos went viral, things have been a little crazy over here. I took some time off from content creating to have a little paid vacation – shout out to all my haters for funding it."

Jewlieah then shared an update about her life.

"I did a couple of interviews, some brands reached out to me to collab and not to mention I got gifted a bunch of stuff as well. Also your girl is back at the top 3% on OnlyFans.

"Mental, emotional and physical health and spiritual health – flourishing.

"Even though vabbing is not proven to work scientifically, Jewels here not only attracted men and free gifts from men, and free drinks from men.

"But, your girl attracted all this success that came from vabbing as well.

"Vabbing works for me, maybe it will work for you."

Impressed with Jewlieah and her vabbing, many people took to the comments to praise her.

One person praised: "Yea girl get that coin."

Another fan cheered: "You deserve it sister. Congrats!"

While a third voiced: "Collab for the vab."

Someone else swooned: "You’re GLOWING babe."

Meanwhile, a fifth noted: "Vab to attract PR."

However, not everyone was so kind to Jewlieah about her vabbing success.

One troll sneered: "This is nasty as f***."

A second jibed: "Y’all weird these days."

As another remarked: "And for all the people praising her get a reality check and think about your life."

Despite the opinions on the unusual dating tactics, vabbing might not be such a good idea according to this one gynaecologist.

Dr Dimitriadi warned vabbing could cause some nasty infections down below.

The expert told MailOnline: "If you use dirty fingers inside your vagina to collect discharge you can not only potentially traumatise the tissue in your vagina and but also spread infection, potentially causing something as serious as a pelvic inflammatory disease."


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