Woman blasts passenger for digging into stack of RIBS on a plane

‘This should be illegal’ Woman blasts passenger sitting next to her for digging into stack of RIBS in mid-air (and he was in the middle seat!)

  • Lanna Tolland was horrified when the man started eating ribs, corn and chips
  • Her tweet divided users – with some branding the man a ‘hero’ 
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A horrified woman was left speechless after a fellow passenger started tucking into a full stack of BBQ ribs during their flight. 

Earlier this month, Lanna Tolland, from Scotland, shamed the anonymous passenger on Twitter.

Before boarding their flight at Glasgow airport, the man sitting next to Lanna picked up a substantial takeaway from Frankie & Benny’s.

The meal consisted of ribs slathered in BBQ sauce, a buttered corn on the cob and a whole side of chips. 

After taking his seat in the middle of the row, the man then cracked open the box on the plane and began digging in.

Horrified Twitter user Lanna Tolland, from Glasgow, was left stunned when the man sitting next to her on a flight started tucking into some BBQ ribs

Horrified by his behaviour, Lanna took a photo of the man’s meal and shared it with her 393 followers.

She captioned the image: ‘No chance is the guy next to me eating a full rack of ribs plus sides on this plane. Get the f*** out.’

Since sharing the photo last week, Lanna’s tweet has been seen by over five million people on Twitter – with some joking that it should be ‘illegal’.

Needless to say, it  stirred up quite a reaction among users – with most saying they would have been similarly horrified.

One replied: ‘I don’t even like using my laptop on the plane in the middle seat…’ 

Another added: ‘There’s a shortlist of foods that should be illegal to sell in an airport.’ 

Suggesting how Lanna could get revenge, a third said: ‘I’d ask to go to the restroom at least twice…’ 

What’s more, a fourth joked that the man should be ‘sent to jail’ for inflicting his choice of meal on other passengers.  

Lanna’s tweet has been seen by over 5.5m people. Some branded him a ‘hero’ while others said it was a ‘jailable offence’

That said, others were in awe of his confidence and referred to at as a ‘power move’.

‘Looks yummy,’ one supporter said. ‘Good for him.’

‘My man had the flight attendant running like a waitress,’ another suspected. ‘Getting condiments and napkins!’

‘This man is living in the future,’ a third fan said – while others dubbed him a ‘hero’.

However, a fourth user took issue with Lanna for shaming his meal. 

Jumping to his defence, they wrote: ‘I’m sorry but, let the man eat, you don’t know if he has been starving and this is his first meal in a while. 

‘It’s one thing if he makes a mess and it gets on you, otherwise, let the man eat. He’s minding his own business.’

Lanna boarded the flight from Glasgow airport earlier this month. The Twitter captioned the post: ‘No chance is the guy next to me eating a full rack of ribs plus sides on this plane. Get the f*** out.’

‘Probably better than the food they serve on the plane,’ another mused. 

But this isn’t the first time Lanna has gone viral on Twitter. 

Last summer, she was left stunned when a group of Americans turned up in her front garden unannounced and started taking pictures of each other.

Lanna Tolland was relaxing on her sofa when eight people started smiling and waving from the front gate of her home in Glasgow in June 2022.

The group then began walking up her garden path as Lanna watched in disbelief.

Ms Tolland said she was ‘so confused’ by the bizarre encounter and later learnt her property had become an unusual monument to the group and used to be owned by their great grandparents.

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