Woman, 22, worries 34KK boobs are impacting career as opera singer

An opera singer with 34KK boobs has launched a crowdfund to help raise money for a breast reduction.

Maddie Boreham, 22, claims her bust is impacting her career, although some often consider them as a "blessing".

The student, who attends the Royal College of Music in London, created a crowdfund to raise money for a private reduction.

She described how her school life was "difficult" as she jumped from a D to a H cup "in a matter of months".

Not only was it challenging for her as a student, Maddie also faced other children being mean to her.

In a bid to reduce her boobs, the aspiring opera singer has tried everything from weight loss to changing her diet.

She said: "Unfortunately, nothing works. The sadness stays, the discomfort stays, the vulgar comments stay, the difficulty stays.

"After leaving school and finally getting properly measured, I am now at 34KK which is not even a size that is made in most countries.

"This means finding a bra that fits is not only a total miracle, but it also costs an arm and a leg."

But what's really impacting Maddie is how her giant bust is affecting her dream of becoming a professional opera singer.

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She admitted: "It seriously hinders my career.

"I have been working for years to become an opera singer but even standing up and singing is not an easy task.

"The pain it causes can become excruciating and it seriously gets in the way of my career and my studies."

Maddie initially sought treatment through the "wonderful" NHS, but the waiting list was too long.

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At that point Maddie found it difficult to cope with the pain so she's raising the money herself for a private procedure.

She concluded: "My singing is being seriously interrupted by the weight on my front (which, by the way, is that of a newborn baby).

"I know that my quality of life and my career will seriously improve if I manage to get this surgery."

Maddie claimed she would be "forever grateful" to anyone who wants to contribute to her surgery.

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