Will my bins still get collected over Christmas? Bank holiday rules explained

FROM crackers to cards and wrapping paper, there's plenty of rubbish built up over Christmas – but when will the binman come to take it all away?

The presents may be starting to get piled neatly under the tree, but come Christmas morning your lounge may be full of opened envelopes and discarded cardboard boxes.

An extra 30% of rubbish is produced and discarded throughout the festive period when compared with the rest of the year, according to according to packaging company GWP.

That is a lot more to stuff into your bins – but you may have to wait a day or two later for rubbish collectors to come and remove your waste.

When will my bins be collected during the Christmas period?

The day your bins are collected are ultimately up to your local council, so check its official website for the latest timings.

How do I find out details of my local council?

THE government has a dedicated website where you can find out the contact information for your local authority.

Click here to bring up the "find your local council" GOV website.

To find your local authority, enter your postcode and the web page will bring up the relevant website.

Your council should have a page detailing its revised rubbish collection services so you know when to put your bin bags out.

Councils are already informing residents about collections during Christmas and may leave a tag on your bin.

Christmas Day falls on a Friday this year so your bin will not be collected if this is your usual day.

Some councils such as Hackney in London are doing a revised collection a day earlier on Christmas Eve.

Saturday is then Boxing Day, meaning the following Monday is a public holiday.

Some councils won't collect on weekends, public holidays or Bank Holidays so you may have to wait a couple of extra days.

There are exceptions though, Westminster Council is still doing a mixed recycling and rubbish collection on Boxing Day.

Hammersmith and Fulham council is collecting rubbish on Sunday 27 December for residents who usually have their rubbish taken on a Friday or Saturday.

What can I throw away?

Your council may have its own policy on items that can be recycled in a brown bin or rubbish that needs to be put in a black bin.

You could either replant your Christmas tree in the garden or take it to your local recycling centre.

Christmas cards and cardboard boxes can be put out for recycling in the brown bin.

Which items go in the brown, black and green bin?

MAKE sure you put your festive rubbish in the correct bin so it gets taken away. Hertsmere Council has provided the table below to help with the most common Christmas items.

  • Advent calendar – Brown bin
  • Batteries- Recycling centre
  • Baubles- Black bin
  • Brown paper- Brown bin
  • Carboard boxes- Brown bin
  • Christmas cards – Brown bin
  • Christmas tree- Green bin or recycling centre
  • Crackers- Black bin
  • Fairy lights – Recycling centre
  • Food – Green bin
  • Glass bottles and cans – Brown bin
  • Holly and mistletoe- Green bin
  • Napkins – Black bin
  • Polystyrene – Black bin
  • Ribbon- Black bin
  • Tinsel- Black bin
  • Wrapping paper- Black bin


However, wrapping paper may not be recyclable as it could contain foil and plastic that can't be separated.

Some councils such as Hertsmere suggest putting wrapping paper in the black bin.

Electrical items such as old batteries should be taken to a recycling centre.

Christmas decorations such as baubles and tinsel go in the black bin or you could reuse them next year.

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