Wildstar Sales Closes Key Sales on ‘The Perfect David’ to U.S. Canada, U.K. and Ireland (EXCLUSIVE)

U.K.-based Wildstar Sales has locked its first sale of Tribeca title “The Perfect David” with specialty distributor TLA Releasing, which has secured rights to the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Ireland.

“The Perfect David” (“El Perfecto David”) world premiered at Tribeca and is described as “a probing depiction of the pressures on a high-school bodybuilder to conform to a perfect image of masculinity.”

The feature debut of Argentine commercials director Felipe Gómez Aparicio, a multiple Cannes Lions winner, who co-wrote it with Leandro Custo, “The Perfect David” turns on 16-year-old David (played by newcomer Mauricio di Yorio) whose mother (Umbra Colombo), a troubled multi-disciplinary artist, demands that he get into perfect shape by the time he turns 17. In his desperate attempt to please his mother, he spends most of his days at a gym and starts taking dangerous steroids. As he spirals further into a cycle of physical and emotional turmoil, he knows that his only escape is to stop trying to be perfect.

 Said TLA’s Adam Silver: “We are so delighted to bring this deeply exciting, enthralling film to our audiences this year.” “It’s a truly original look at our complex relationship with the male form; ‘The Perfect David’ is a perfect fit for TLA,” he noted. TLA plans to release the drama on VOD and DVD in June this year.

“‘The Perfect David’ is exquisitely shot, tense and moody with a fantastic score and an outstanding performance from the very handsome Mauricio Di Yorio,” said Wildstar managing director, Murray Dibbs who expressed his delight at closing the deal with TLA.

 Said Haciendo Cine critic Rolando Gallego after the film’s December release in Argentina: “It’s a powerful debut feature that, with a few words, careful photography and the absolute dedication of its cast, builds one of the most brilliant fables of our times.”

 The film was produced by Pablo Ingercher and Ramiro Pavón from Oh My Gómez! and Fiona Pittaluga and Martín Cuinat from Roberto Me Dejó Films (Argentina).

Federico Moreira (La Mayor) and Nicolás Pérez Veiga (Primo) co-produced. Iván Bein, Bárbara Sarasola-Day, Federico Eibuszyc, Pasto Floreado, Marina Rodríguez-Nazar served as associate producers.

Seasoned Latin American film programmer Hebe Tabachnik, who also took “Valentina” to Cannes, executive produced the drama.

“The Perfect David” was among the standouts at the 2019 Ventana Sur where it screened at the confab’s Copia Final final-cut-stage showcase.

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