Why Queen Elizabeth Quietly Admires Meghan Markle's Rule-Breaking

The press, especially the British media, has been quick to criticize Meghan Markle about specific fashion faux pas, her signature hairstyles, and dresses that seem to breach British royal protocol for being slightly too short. In some cases, the allusion is that the queen, herself, is upset about the Dutchess’ Hollywood tendencies.

Will Prince Harry, Meghan’s husband, or Queen Elizabeth step in to enforce their standards? And how does the queen really feel about Meghan’s rule-breaking?

Is Meghan Markle bossy?

It is true that Meghan starts her day very early in the morning and begins her correspondence and scheduling just shortly after she awakes. She does seem to demand much of herself and those around her, such as support staff and assistance. But the simple fact remains that she has worked for years to develop her acting career. The duchess has long been the boss of her career, working steadily on the “Meghan Markle” brand. It’s no wonder that she has transferred that energy and intensity to her royal duties now. And it is likely the queen, who has strong work ethics, appreciates this quality about Meghan.

Meghan Markle’s birth plan is changing up royal traditions

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex toyed with the idea of having their baby at their new home: Frogmore House. Some reports suggest Meghan will give birth in the cottage and others speculate that she will go to a local Windsor hospital: Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey. This changes things up, as many members of the royal family — like Princess Anne, Princess Diana, and Kate Middleton — gave birth at London’s Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital and Meghan doesn’t plan to follow suit.

Meghan Markle’s relationship with Queen Elizabeth

Yes, Meghan may have bent a few historic royal rules along the way, but has she angered Queen Elizabeth by her perfectionistic personality? The two have a lot in common so it’s likely the queen is flexible on the areas where Meghan opts to create her own path.

The queen allowed Meghan to join in the royal family’s Christmas festivities in 2017 before Meghan was married to Harry, which is usually not recognized as acceptable. This is a strong sign that the two are on great terms. What’s more, the queen reportedly enjoys having tea with Meghan and has not said a word about the Duchess wearing dark nail polish or off-the-shoulder fashions, which are both deemed inappropriate for royals.

We’d say that Queen Elizabeth is quite a strong and courageous woman. Her success as a monarch; her devotion to her country, and her bold and focused leadership are renowned. These same strengths might be what causes the queen to admire her grandson’s rule-breaking wife.

Why the queen admires Meghan Markle

Friends of Meghan say she is one of the most sincere and genuine people they ever met. They also refer to her as a “class act.” Her former fellow actors also admire Meghan for her tenacity and hard work as she was building her acting career.

The duchess has been called strong-willed and outspoken, which is said of Queen Elizabeth II, as well. Meghan, in her royal role, is an active philanthropist and humanitarian, patronizing charities for the arts, animals, education, and the support of vulnerable women.

We can see quite well why the queen admires her grandson’s wife. She is likely proud that Harry found such a talented, intelligent, and kind partner. Meghan, much like her deceased mother-in-law, tends to lead with her heart.

I don’t go by the rule book … I lead from the heart, not the head. – Diana, Princess of Wales

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