Who cares if Ellen DeGeneres thinks Kevin Hart should host the Oscars?

Ellen DeGeneres has made it her business to campaign for Kevin Hart’s right to host the Oscars.

The vanilla talk show host, who has also hosted the Oscars, has made a surprisingly vigorous defense of the actor/comedian — and rightly received a Twitter lashing from members of the LGBTQ community.

The revelation of Hart’s homophobic tweets resulted in his turning down the offer to host the Feb. 24 ceremony, rather than apologize for his remarks as requested by the motion picture academy.

DeGeneres’ insistence that it is Hart’s “right” to host the Oscars was so offensive that many detractors registered their disdain on social media.

“This is wrong,” wrote Mark Harris, author of “Pictures at a Revolution,” on Twitter. “To a certain type of celebrity, the internet is a ‘mob,’ critics are ‘haters,’ and those who think someone with a long history of homophobic statements shouldn’t host the Oscars are standing in the way of a dream.”

Let’s ask a simple question: How is it anyone’s “right” to host the Oscars? Is that how it works now in Hollywood — you have a career in comedy, where you sometimes offend people, and you have a “right” to host the industry’s most prominent awards show?


As for Hart bellyaching about his critics hating on him, when do I start crying? He can sure dish it out, but like most cowardly comics, he can’t take it.

As for DeGeneres, if this is another attempt on her part to recover the edge she had before she became television’s pre-eminent inoffensive daytime talk show host, it clearly backfired. She’s been lumped in with lowlifes such as Louis C.K. and Rob Schneider.

Is the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences really going to beg for Hart to take the job after seeing the reaction on social media? Highly unlikely.

What’s even more peculiar is how she managed to alienate her own tribe in order to defend the lowest-common-denominator likes of Hart. Wonder if she’ll think it was worth it?

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