Where To Get Morphe’s New Fluidity Collection, So You Can Experience 60 Shades Of Foundation

In 2019, I’m making a promise to my skin and myself to invest in only the very best products; we’re literally only one day into the new year, though, and I’m somehow already overwhelmed with choices. Brands have wasted no time stepping it up, and Morphe especially deserves a round of applause, as they’ve just announced their first-ever liquid complexion products. If you’re wondering where to get Morphe’s new Fluidity Collection so you can experience the all-new 60 shades of foundation, I’ve got all the deets, and I’m here to fill you in, starting with the fact that the new foundations are only $18. A gorgeous complexion for less than one $20 bill? It’s 2019, and Morphe officially has my attention.

The entire Fluidity Collection will be available on January 17, and can be purched at Morphe stores and on the brand’s site. On January 20, it will also hit the Ulta site as well as select Ulta stores. The star product in the lineup is undoubtedly the Fluidity Foundation, debuting in an unmatched 60-hued shade range. I haven’t even experienced the formula, but the shade options alone make me a fan. That said, it’s meant to be wearable for up to 24 hours (although you should never wear foundation for this long, in my humble and concerned opinion) as well as water and sweat-resistant, along with being totally transfer-proof. To pair with the foundation are the soft-matte Fluidity Concealers, which provide a full coverage finish in 31 shades, for just $9 a pop. Morphe clearly heard my New Year’s Resolution about staying on a budget this year, and made sure I could still afford to snag these new drops. Bless up.

The Fluidity Foundation is packaged in a simple tube:

The brand’s goal was to create a range that was as tone-inclusive as possible, and from the looks of it, they succeeded:

I’m also loving this sleek concealer packaging:

In the words of the late, great Billy Mays, "But wait, there’s more!" To prep skin for your new face favorites, there will also be two primers, the Equalizer and the Revitalizer, both of which will retail for $12. The former helps smooth skin so your foundation will have an even base to apply over, while the latter focuses on moisturizing and hydrating, so skin won’t look or feel dry underneath makeup. And while the new primers are the perfect Step One, Morphe knew one more product was necessary for finishing off this full-face routine. Natch, they had to launch a powder as well, and the matte Filter Effect Finishing Powders come in 15 shades, at $12 a pop.

You guys, I would’ve been happy with any base product from Morphe this year, but they went ahead and gave us every base product, because they’re here to do the most in 2019:

Last but not least, a few new tools are debuting with the launch of the Fluidity Collection as well. The M439 Deluxe Buffer Brush is a foundation lover’s dream — unless, of course, you’re team makeup sponge, in which case the Complexion Blending Beauty Sponge will be more your speed. There’s also the M173 Mini Buffer Brush, which is the perfect size to blend out your concealer.

They’ve honestly thought of everything:

And with that, the Fluidity Collection is complete:

I love that Morphe is starting 2019 on such an inclusive high note. Here’s hoping that other brands will follow suit, and we can make this the year we can all finally find our perfect shade matches.

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