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IT would be hard to find someone that doesn't love a McDonald's meal.

So when does the fast food giant serve lunch? Here's what we know about McDonald's menu.

What time does McDonald's serve lunch?

McDonald's starts by serving the breakfast menu from opening time -which is usually 6am for restaurants that are not 24 hours.

However, this comes to an end at 11am in most stores, meaning the lunchtime menu kicks in.

The lunch menu continues all day into the evening and up until closing time which can vary across premises to premises.

Some venues are open 24 hours a day which means that the "lunch" menu is served throughout the night until switching to breakfast at 5am.

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However, some franchises may stop serving food as early as 8pm, so make sure to check your local's opening hours before heading out.

What is on the Mcdonald's lunch menu?

The McDonald's lunch menu is full of tasty treats.

When you think of the fast food chain you think of burgers, chicken nuggets and chips and that's exactly what you can expect to order throughout the day.

They have their staple menu which is full of the classics such as Big Macs, Chicken Mayo, Quarter Pounders and Chicken Selects but there are also some limited edition items that come out.

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The restaurant tends to change their cheese bit options from time to time, including items such as halloumi fries, chilli cheese bites and mozzarella sticks and garlic bites.

There are also the usual McFlurry flavours including Oreo, Maltesers, and Smarties but they always have a limited edition flavour available to order as well.

When it comes to drinks there is a variety to choose from.

There are soft drinks, milkshakes, coffees and lemonades to choose from.

Why did McDonald's stop all day breakfast?

McDonald's has a breakfast menu but this stops being served from 11am.

It's been said that the reason they don't serve all day breakfast is due to not having enough room to store items from both the breakfast and lunch menu.

If you manage to get to your local McDonald's while the breakfast menu is still on you can expect to be spoiled for choice.

You can order different types of breakfast rolls and McMuffins or if you fancy something different you can get hash browns, porridge or pancakes.

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