What is Pick for Britain website and can I apply for jobs?

MANY Brits are still unable to work with some even facing unemployment as businesses continue to suffer.

The coronavirus pandemic has seen around 7.5m people placed on furlough and it could be some time before they can return – but there are other jobs that need filling right now.

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What is Pick for Britain?

The British government have created the Pick for Britain website to help those unemployed or on furlough find work at businesses in need of extra hands.

It is aimed at the agricultural industry with farms and growers desperate for help to pick the crops to feed the nation.

Environment Secretary George Eustice revealed on Tuesday that only a third of those that come from overseas to help at this time of year are in the UK.

And now Brits are being called upon to fill those gaps, with apples, strawberries, potatoes and number of other fruit and vegetables in need of picking.

It also comes after Prince Charles urged the British public to try their hand at farm work.

The Prince of Wales said in a video message: "

Harvesting runs until the early Autumn and people are needed who are genuinely going to commit.

"The phrase I have often heard is: 'pickers who are stickers'."

Can I apply if I am furloughed?

To see if there are any jobs near you, head to the Pick for Britain site and check the various links provided.

Blackbird Farming in Sittingbourne, Kent are taking applications all year round to pick apples, pears and cherries among other produce.

Meanwhile, Place UK currently have vacancies for strawberry, raspberry and cherry harvest workers in Wroxham, Norfolk.

And like with other jobs, it does not matter if you are on furlough, you can still take up the role – and you will still be eligible to claim from the Job Retention Scheme.

But it is advised that you check with your current employer to ensure they are happy for you to do so.

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