Wedding photographer does hilarious Barbie shoot after cancelled bookings

When photographer Agnieszka Marsh’s wedding shoots were all cancelled due to the virus, she wasn’t sure what to do with her time.

So she decided to create a wedding story of her own – using her daughter’s dolls.

Along with her husband Ryan, 39, they spent a whole day doing a full wedding shoot as if it was a real ceremony – including morning ‘getting ready’ shots, the afternoon service and nighttime reception.

The wedding featured Barbie as the bride but instead of Ken, Agnieszka chose a doll modelled on One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson as the groom.

The couple meet at the altar with a Harry Styles doll acting as best man.

All the photographs were taken in Agnieszka’s garden, with the 34-year-old recreating some of her most popular wedding shots of romantic sunset shots of the newlyweds.

Barbie even got to do a traditional bouquet toss as her female guests battled it out to catch the flowers – with Chewbacca’s hairy date making the winning grab.

The couple based everything on some real life weddings they attended, including the moment the bride’s ex-boyfriend Ken objected to the vows – and was booted out of the ceremony by the Hulk.

Ken later made a reappearance at the reception as if ‘drunk’ – before ‘skinny dipping’ into the pond during the wild afterparty.

Agnieszka, from Newtownards in Northern Ireland, said: ‘Because of what is happening now with coronavirus, we are stuck in the house.

‘So for the past four weeks we’ve been in the house and have just become really bored.

‘All our weddings have been cancelled from tons of different dates and then my daughter was playing the other day outside with her dolls.

‘I thought I would go outside and take some photographs of them. That was an engagement shoot which is how it all started.

‘I was trying to make the photographs funny so when people look at them they don’t feel bored and want to look at another one and another one.

‘We had been getting so many messages and comments and shares, with people asking, “hopefully there’s a wedding, can we see the wedding pictures?”.’

So they decided to spend Easter Sunday staging the wedding.

‘Everything was done in one day in exactly the same way as we would do at a real wedding. From 11 in the morning until late at night.

‘We only just had time for our Sunday dinner. We did a break for it. We ate so fast because the sun was going down. It’s all about the lighting in photography.

‘We had so many story ideas as well but we wanted to do it all in one day. I couldn’t even sleep because my brain kept thinking, “let’s do this, we could do this”.

‘It was hard to keep a straight face. It was quite hard to shoot with the wind, as it was quite a windy day, but it was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed it.

‘I’m sad it’s over. I just want to do it again.’

To add guests to the wedding shoot, neighbours dropped off bags of their children’s dolls on the family’s doorstep which were then disinfected and dressed in fancy outfits for the do.

Their daughter Sophie, seven, chose the couples for the big day.

The wedding proved to be even more popular than the dolls’ sultry engagement shoot – with more than 46,500 reactions and comments from fans all over the world.

Ryan, who also works as a software engineer, said: ‘We actually shot it like a wedding. We did the preps in morning light and the ceremony was the evening light and the reception was the nighttime light, so it was a full day.

‘We got so lucky because we live in Northern Ireland so the weather is usually rainy all year round, but the sunset that day was just unbelievable.

‘One of our neighbours gave us a special real Ken doll so we thought it would be fun to incorporate him into the wedding.

‘That’s where the story came in with him trying to ruin the wedding and getting drunk.

‘We spent one-day prepping stuff. Agnieszka made wedding dresses and I cut up some of our bedposts for pews at the wedding.

‘Sometimes I think, are we a bit crazy? But we had nothing else to do so we just filled the time. We enjoyed it.’

The couple have photographed hundreds of weddings together and had lots of crazy tales to base their doll on.

Ryan added: ‘Agnieszka always says to me, “we should write a book about weddings” because the amount of funny, crazy things that happen at weddings you wouldn’t believe.

‘Those pictures are mild compared to what happens. Each picture can relate to a wedding.

‘We’ve seen people get thrown out of wedding ceremonies, we’ve seen people strip off. I’ve never seen Hulk throw somebody out of a wedding, but I’ve seen a bouncer do it.

‘We added a bit of funny detail to it but everything in the shoot we can attribute to it happening at one of the weddings we have shot.’

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