Wayne Gretzky Sued For $10 Million For Saying Gum Made Him Lose Weight

Wayne Gretzky has found himself in the center of one of the most bizarre lawsuits in recent pop culture history. The former NHL star is being sued for $10 million for allegedly claiming that a gum brand helped him lose weight.

The plaintiff is Steven Sparks, the creator of OMG Gum, which is marketed as a natural gum that can help people manage their weight.

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BuChew – the company that distributes and markets the gum – initially struck a deal with Wayne’s wife Janet Jones to promote their products on her social media in 2017.

Janet released a statement endorsing the product when it first launched. “After three years in development working closely with a team of scientists and companies engaged in nutrition and weight control, I am extremely excited to unveil OMG powered by SuperCitrimax,” the actress explained.

“OMG is an outstanding product specifically designed to fit into the lifestyles of today’s fast-paced, multi-tasking adults,” she continued. “Overeating is often at the core of weight gain — and a real epidemic. … Our great-tasting gum helps eliminate the feeling of being hungry. Plus — I have always disliked taking pills!”

But things became complicated the following year when Wayne falsely claimed that the gum helped him lose 35 pounds to support his wife’s sponsorship. He said he “loved” the taste of the natural gum and “chewed multiple pieces” every day, crediting it for helping him shed “35 pounds in six to eight weeks.”

At first, Wayne’s claim did wonders for the company, as they saw a spike in sales. In the lawsuit, Steven claims this motivated him to invest more money and resources into the product.

However, things took a turn for the worse when Wayne eventually confessed he lied and the gum wasn’t directly responsible for his weight loss.

Steven says this caused BuChew’s stock value to plumet and damaged the reputation of the company and its products. He adds that Wayne’s lie caused tens of millions of dollars in losses, so he’s seeking $10 million in the civil lawsuit.

He’s also asking for $500,000 to go towards his legal fees in addition to 10% interest.

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“On or about February 20, 2020, Defendant stated to Plaintiff that he ‘really did not lose 35 pounds,’” the lawsuit reads. “His admission was not repeated to those investors who had invested expressly based upon their belief in ‘OMG gum’ because it had been endorsed by the ‘Great One.’”

So far, the Gretzky family hasn’t publicly responded to the lawsuit.

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