Watching Gypsy Rose's Interrogation In 'The Act' Is Rough—Here's What She Said IRL

  • In the latest episode of The Act on Hulu, Gypsy Rose is shown being interrogated by the police.
  • IRL, Gypsy was interrogated in a similar way, and also lied to the police about being involved in her mother’s murder.
  • She later confessed and is now serving a ten-tear sentence.

By now, you’re probably thoroughly obsessed with The Act on Hulu, a dramatized version of the true story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her mother Dee Dee—both of whom became households names in 2015 when Gypsy Rose (and her then-boyfriend Nick Godejohn) were arrested for Dee Dee’s murder.

When she was taken into custody, it was discovered that Gypsy, who everyone thought was extremely ill and unable to walk, was actually completely healthy and mobile. Dee Dee had been fabricating her illnesses for Gypsy’s entire life, and forced her to have medical procedures she didn’t need. (Dee Dee suffered from Munchausen syndrome by proxy—recently renamed factitious disorder imposed on another—which is when a caretaker pretends a child or elderly adult is ill in order to get attention or sympathy.)

In the most recent episode of The Act—episode seven—Gypsy and Godejohn have fled to his home in Wisconsin after the murder. When a Facebook post by Gypsy leads the police right to them, they’re arrested, and Gypsy is shown being interrogated by the police about what happened to her mother. This all happened IRL too, which makes it even more mind-blowing.

At the beginning of Mommy Dead And Dearest, an HBO documentary on the Blanchards, you can see footage of Gypsy’s interrogation in which she acts shocked to hear that her mother has been killed—and the dialogue is nearly identical to the scene in The Act.

“You need to be honest with me, and if you’re involved with anything I’m about to tell you, then you need to tell me, ok?” says the police officer who’s interrogating Gypsy in the HBO documentary (in The Act, the officer goes by “Detective Crawford.”). “Your mom’s dead. Now what I want to ask you…”

“Wait, go back…no. no,” Gypsy says, looking shocked and starts to cry. “I don’t know what happened with my mom! Why don’t you just tell me?”

“You know what happened to your mom,” the officer says. “I know that you know.”

Gypsy, stunned, asks, “You think that it’s me? Why would you think that it’s me? I’ve always loved my mom. My mom and I are best friends.”

“I have no doubt that you love your mom, but why did Nick hurt her?” the officer offers. That’s where the footage ends.

It’s a tough clip to watch, as viewers know Gypsy knows the truth, but it also seems that she’s legitimately upset about what happened, and is maybe coming to terms with the whole thing for the first time.

But Gypsy continued to maintain her innocence, per the documentary. During a prison phone call with her dad, she tells him that what’s being said about her in the news isn’t true.

“You know I love mama and you know that I would never hurt her. Just know that I am innocent and I’m still your little girl,” she says. The scene hasn’t yet been shown in The Act.

Godejohn’s interrogation was similar to the dramatized version in The Act as well. In various clips throughout Mommy Dead And Dearest, Godejohn confesses, just as he does in The Act.

“Ok, I’ll admit it, I did actually stab her mom. I will admit it,” he tells a police officer.

Also in the HBO documentary, when asked if Dee Dee struggled, Godejohn responded that “first she yelled help, and then she called out for Gypsy but Gypsy didn’t do anything.” He also explains to the officer that he has multiple personalities, and that Gypsy knew about them.

As the interrogation goes on, Godejohn admits to thinking about raping Dee Dee before murdering her, but according to Gypsy, she was able to talk him out of it by offering to have him rape her after the murder.

Godejohn talks about the situation nonchalantly, which makes it even more disturbing. He says that he and Gypsy had sex after he killed Dee Dee, then Gypsy performed oral sex on him, but soon after, they stopped. “We realized there was a lot of packing to do,” Godejohn says. You can see the whole interrogation here.

As for Gypsy’s full interrogation, there doesn’t seem to be an entire video available, but from the clips shown in the documentary, it appears that The Act is actually pretty accurate when it comes to these scenes. While she did lie initially, she later confesses to orchestrating her mother’s murder. She’s currently serving a 10-year sentence for second-degree murder, though her father has a petition to have her released early.

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