Viewers of Amanda Owen's Farming Lives criticise presenter

Amanda Owen is slammed by viewers for ‘trying to speak posh’ in her new Channel 4 Farming Lives show – as fans say they ‘miss her children’ on screen

  • Amanda Owen was slammed by viewers of her Channel 4 show Farming Lives
  • Some criticised her for changing her accent, while others missed the kids on TV
  • Read More: Amanda Owen says she’s still single since split from husband Clive 

Amanda Owen was criticised for ‘trying to speak posh’ and changing her eye makeup by viewers of her new Channel 4 show Farming Lives last night.

The mother-of-nine, 48, found fame alongside her husband Clive and their nine children on the hit lockdown programme Our Yorkshire Farm – before the couple decided to go their separate ways. 

However on her new show, which aired last night, she joined The Rickards family, in Newport, South Wales, to learn how they used the pandemic as a springboard to transform their traditional farm into a busy 21st-century business.

While the new episode went down well with many viewers, some criticised the shepherdess for the changes from her original show – from missing her children on screen to ‘altering her accent.’

One person wrote: ‘Why are you trying to speak posh? We love your normal accent.’

Amanda Owen was criticised by viewers for ‘trying to speak posh’ in the latest episode of Farming Lives on More 4

Meanwhile someone wrote: ‘Miss seeing your family tho, it’s not the same without them, never mind Tony the Pony etc xx’ 

Taking to Twitter Amanda shared a slew of snaps from her time at Castle Farm to promote the newest episode.

She wrote: ‘The Rickards are a very busy family who welcomed me into their home and gave me a fascinating insight into how they ALL play a part in running Castle Farm. And gave me a masterclass in showing dairy cattle. Tonight 9pm More4.’

However many fans were quick to comment that they were missing the children with Amanda on their TV screens. 

One said: ‘I’ll be watching, enjoyed last weeks but really miss seeing the children.’ 

While another wrote: ‘Loved the new program, I miss the kids, Tony the pony and your farm Ravenseat.’  

However others really enjoyed the show and left messages of support to Amanda.

One person wrote: ‘Looks like you’re enjoying your job.’ Another said: ‘Another great episode last night.’

While a third wrote: ‘A great family show, we loved it.’ 

Amanda pictured with her children on her farm where she used to film the TV show Our Yorkshire Farm with her ex husband 

It comes after Amanda insisted she’s single since her split from husband Clive – and said: ‘I’m just getting on with my life as an independent woman, looking after the kids… and my sheep.’

Amanda quashed rumours that she has a new man in her life, saying she is too busy for love as the former couple co-parent their brood of nine children.

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, she insisted she is happily single and no-one else was involved in the end of their 22-year marriage.

She said: ‘I’m getting on with my life as an independent woman, looking after the kids and my sheep.   

‘There was nobody involved in the break up with Clive and I don’t understand why this is being suggested.

Some criticised her accent while others admitted they missed seeing the kids with Amanda on their TV screens

‘I’m not Meghan, I’m not a wallflower and I’m not over-sensitive, but a lot of things said about me are being taken out of context. I’m living a fantastic life doing what I really love.’

Referring to family life since the break-up with Clive, she said: ‘We are co-parenting and the whole family is very happy.

‘I was just with Clive this morning at the farmhouse where he lives and he then went off to sell a bull. There’s absolutely no problem between us. It’s been a very amicable split and we continue to work together. Everybody in the family is happy with the way things have turned out.’

The couple run Ravenseat Farm in rural Swaledale with Amanda now living in a separate farmhouse on the land with some of their children.  

However others really enjoyed the show and left messages of support for Amanda on Twitter

She added: ‘I was down in London earlier this week and have still got my false eyelashes on after appearing on the Lorraine Show. I’ve said it many times now but Clive and I are both enjoying our lives, raising our kids together.

‘I’m happiest being on the farm with my sheep and kids. There’s not even a phone signal here, it’s very remote and that’s the way I love it.’

Amanda revealed that most of her time is taken up by looking after the children and managing the farm and that she has a particular interest in sustainable farming.  

After returning from the nearby market town of Kirkby Stephen, where he went to sell a bull, Clive, 68 told MailOnline: ‘It’s all good, the whole family is very happy. Life is wonderful and there is no problem between us. It couldn’t be better.

Clive recently appeared in ‘Beyond the Yorkshire Farm’ with his son Reuben, a spin-off series in which they start a digging business together.

Amanda revealed that most of her time is taken up by looking after the children and managing the farm and that she has a particular interest in sustainable farming

The TV shepherd confirmed her separation from Clive in June 2022, the pair have nine children together 

Clive added: ‘It was great fun but we don’t know if there will be a second series. That’s the best thing about life, you just don’t know what’s going to happen next.’

After running for five years, Channel 5 announced the end of Our Yorkshire Farm last December but the Owen family are now working on a number of future projects with the broadcaster.  

Amanda made her first TV appearance alongside Clive, 68, in 2011 on ITV’s The Dales, before they landed their own Channel 5 show Our Yorkshire Farm in 2018.

The public were quick to fall for the couple and their unusual love story, dubbing them the ‘Kardashians of the Countryside’ with their hit show Our Yorkshire Farm.

The shepherdess began making solo appearances on a variety of TV shows, becoming a regular guest on programmes such as Lorraine and This Morning to offer comment on parenting and life on the farm.

Amanda is mum to Raven, 21, Reuben, 19, Miles, 16, Edith, 14, Violet, 12, Sidney, 11, Annas, nine, Clemmy, seven, and six-year-old Nancy

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