Viewers mock Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start over his BLOWTORCH

Viewers mock Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start after the chef whips out a BLOWTORCH when showing a couple who never cook how to make a ‘simple’ 15-minute red pepper pasta dish

  • Tom Kerridge’s show Fresh Start helps families overhaul their cooking habits
  • Taught the Boswell Harris family how to make a ‘simple’ red pepper pasta dish
  • But fans were left baffled when he whipped out a blowtorch during the process
  • Pointed out amateur cooks are unlikely to own such a sophisticated appliance 

Tom Kerridge was mocked by viewers after he whipped out a blowtorch while making a ‘simple’ pasta dish on his new cooking show Fresh Start last night. 

The Michelin-starred chef, 45, was offering a demonstration to mothers Emma Boswell and Abii Harris, of Tiddington, Oxfordshire, who admitted they rely on pre-prepared meals and takeaways to feed themselves and their toddler daughter, Elsie. 

Kicking off the cooking lesson in the couple’s kitchen Tom explained pasta with a creamy red pepper sauce is the perfect family meal as it can be created in just 15 minutes. 

However moments later he pulled out a blowtorch to brown the peppers – prompting ridicule online. 

Tom Kerridge was mocked by viewers after he whipped out a blowtorch while making a ‘simple’ pasta dish on his new cooking show Fresh Start. He was teaching the dish to mothers Emma Boswell, left, and Abii Harris, right, who want to cook for daughter Elsie, pictured

The move was ridiculed by viewers, who pointed out that a blowtorch was not a ‘simple’ kitchen appliance

One tweeted: ‘As much as I love Tom Kerridge I find his show quite comical! Who has half these ingredients in their cupboards (including a blowtorch!)’ 

Another posted: ‘Tom Kerridge tells a family he’s going to get them cooking simple food to build their confidence… Whips out a blowtorch.’ 

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Cricket coach Emma, 40, and Abii, 24, a nanny, are among the eight families featured on BBC Two’s Fresh Start, which aims to help reluctant cooks overhaul their eating habits for good. 

The couple explained they are most concerned over how their eating habits will impact daughter Elsie. 

Doubtful viewers questioned whether the Michelin-starred chef had struck the right tone

Abii said: ‘I would love to be able to cook for her, I would love to be able to make all of her food. We did for a short amount of time but – I don’t know if she didn’t like it, or if I didn’t cook it properly. But it just took too much time.’ 

She added: ‘She always asks for some of our food. We don’t want her eating what we’re eating.’

Stepping into help the family, Tom said: ‘We’re not going to start by cooking “healthy” meals. We’re just going to start with cooking, with confidence, with picking things up,’ adding, ‘we’re going back to basics’. 

The pasta with creamy red pepper sauce required a jar of pre-cooked peppers which were later blowtorched by Kerridge, pictured 

The chef explained using the blowtorch brought a new flavour to the dish and was also ‘fun’ to use. Pictured, Kerridge, left, with Emma Boswell, centre, and Abii Harris in their kitchen

While Abii and Emma seemed impressed with the final result, pictured, viewers were less convinced. Pictured, Emma tasting the pasta with creamy red pepper sauce on the show

The pasta with creamy red pepper sauce required a jar of cooked red peppers, to which he later took a blowtorch. 

He explained: ‘These are already cooked, it is just for flavour… Blow torching stuff is fun.’ And actually the end result, the flavour that you’ll get from it, is absolutely beautiful.

While Abii and Emma seemed impressed, viewers were less convinced.  

The chef has set out to overhaul real families’ eating habits on his new BBC show Fresh Start

Other viewers were left disappointed by the choice of ingredient, branding them ‘expensive’

‘Simple food… and he rocks out the blowtorch,’ one noted. Others commented on the apparent cost of the ingredients he required.    

However others were thrilled to see the popular TV chef back on their screens and praised his inventive take on classic family meals. 

The six-part show returns next week with Tom meeting more families on a food journey. 

However other viewers were delighted with Kerridge’s recipes and praised his fresh take on classic dishes

Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start continues on BBC Two next Wednesday at 8pm.

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