Victorious: How Ariana Grande Became A Superstar

Ariana Grande started her career as a child actor, and today she is a superstar. Although she faced several hurdles, Ariana used them as stepping stones to success. Today, she is one of America’s most popular singers and rap artists, but Grande started her career on the big stage as a kid. Ariana was born Ariana Grande-Butera in 1993, in Florida, US. She was born to working parents; her mother, Joan Grande, is a businesswoman, and her father, Edward Butera, a graphic designer.

Ariana Grande as a Child Performer

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Ariana started at a tender age when she performed as a kid in the Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theater. She got well familiarized with the stage in her formative years.

The future superstar was launched in showbiz when she made her debut in a Broadway musical called ’13’ by Jason Robert-Brown. This was when Ariana started gaining popularity. Next, she was cast in a side role in a Nickelodeon show called ‘Victorious.’ She played Cat Valentine’s character and became quite a favorite amongst the show’s fans.

She was known for her high-pitched voice and her beautifully vibrant hair. This show and her character gained enough popularity to land her a separate show of her own called ‘Sam and Cat’, making Ariana Grande a popular American name.

Getting Launched in the Music Industry

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Grande is a natural performer when it comes to music. Her wide-ranged voice and versatility are evidence of her rare talent. Ariana started her career in the music industry in 2011 when the Republic records head signed her under the label. The first single that got released was ‘Put Your Hearts Up.’

In 2013, Ariana released her debut album called ‘Yours Truly,’ and it became a significant hit because of ‘The Way.’ This particular song made it to the Billboard Hot 100. ‘The Way’ was also famous as it was symbolic of Ariana’s past relationships with the late singer, Mac Miller.

In 2014 Ariana Grande released another hit album. It was called ‘My Everything,’ and it became more critically acclaimed than ‘Yours Truly’ as Ariana began exploring more into her musical talent. She is known to have released about three more albums in the following five years.

Becoming a Superstar amid Hurdles

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Ariana Grande is currently a social media influencer and a famous pop star. She is the burning example of how a Florida woman made it through a horde of upheavals. Ariana might have been from a stable economic background but had to struggle during her music career.

Ariana grew as a person, a woman, a songwriter, and a performer during her most difficult years. There have been rumors about a turbulent relationship with Mac Miller. Although Ariana has had serious relationships after Miller, she was adversely affected by his death due to drug overdose.

In her later years, Ariana’s songs were symbolic of the growth and development in her personal and professional life. She also received several accolades, awards and became an inspiration for all female artists in the music industry. She has won one Grammy and one Brit Award. Besides, she has achieved multiple Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, and MTV VMAs. She has about eight Guinness World Records, which is impressive in itself.

Grande is outspoken about social evils and is one of the celebrities who is most followed on YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram. But she is quite literally an influencer even out of her social media profile. She has been listed twice in 2016 and 2019 under 100 Most Influential People worldwide by Time Magazine.

Ariana has a massive net worth of about $180 million in 2021. According to Forbes, her charisma is inspiring new and old female artists in the music industry because she is also one of the world’s highest-paid music artists. In 2018 Ariana was named the Woman of the Year by Billboard, also claiming that she was one of the most successful debut artists in the 2010s among women.

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