Victorinox Goes All Black Everything With Its Onyx Black Collection

Lovers of all black everything is now getting a special treat from Victorinox with its latest Onyx Black collection of Swiss army knives.

As its name suggests, the company has taken its iconic red-and-steel pocket tools and completely blacked them out from grip to blade, save the white shield logo casting a strong contrast against its dark body. According to the brand, each foldable tool has been treated with a special procedure called a “polispectral process” where a top layer of chromium oxide is applied to achieve that glossy black finish.

The collection itself will span across three different models: the Signature Lite, the Spartan, and the Ranger Grip 55. The first of the three is also the smallest, carrying an LED light, a pressurized ballpoint pen, a blade, a small pair of scissors, as well as a screwdriver that doubles as a ruler. Next up is the Spartan — one of the brand’s most popular knives — equipped with both a large and small blade, a screwdriver that doubles as a can opener, another screwdriver that can be used as a bottle opener or wire stripper, a punch, a reamer, a corkscrew, a pair of tweezers, and a toothpick. The third and final model is the largest Ranger Grip 55, more geared towards outdoor survival use, coming with a locking blade, a serrated wood saw, and most of the remaining features from the Spartan, all packed between an ergonomically-designed grip.

For those interested, Victorinox’s new Onyx Black collection is now available over on its website, with prices going at $63 USD for the Signature Lite, $80 USD for the Spartan, and $120 USD for the Ranger Grip 55.

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