US couple name baby after UK city they can't even pronounce

Baffled Brits have been scolding American parents for naming their children after UK cities and counties.

The outrage was first sparked when an unnamed Reddit user, from England, urged people through the online forum to stop the trend immediately.

He first explained that his friend’s cousin’s girlfriend is called Lecesta – based on the city of Leicester – before blasting the parents for both the incorrect spelling and pronunciation.

In agreement with the thread, some users called the trend ‘fatally embarrassing.’

The post, which was uploaded this week, was titled: ‘Stop naming children after British cities and counties!’

It read: ‘I’m from England. My American friend’s cousin’s girlfriend is called Lecesta. I thought it could be a cultural thing but it isn’t. 

‘Apparently, her mother got together with her father at a party in Leicester in England and therefore named their child Lecesta. And what’s even worse, the mother pronounces the word Leicester as Lie – Sess – Tur. It’s actually Less – Tuh. 

‘And since Lecesta’s mother pronounces Leicester this way, her daughter’s name is pronounced Lee – Sess – Tur.’

The hilarious post finished with: ‘Can we stop naming children after British places? AND THEN SPELLING THEM INCORRECTLY.’

It was no surprise that other Reddit users were quick to comment on the debacle.

One wrote: ‘The name is cringe, and the mispronunciation is fatally embarrassing.’

Another added: ‘You realize all of American naming history is copying Britain and their version of English is just incorrect but with the excuse of calling it American English.’

While a third said: ‘Hard yikes on that pronunciation.’

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