Uri Geller cuts a mind-bending £7m from asking price for his mansion

Uri Geller cuts a mind-bending £7m from asking price for his luxury mansion after disillusioned housebuyers failed to snap it up

  • Uri Geller, 76, has lowered the price of his mansion as nobody bought it 
  • The illusionist had put the Berkshire property on the market for £15m in 2015
  • But eight years later he has reduced it by more than half to £7.95 

Magician Uri Geller has dropped the asking price for his luxury mansion by a mind-bending £7m after disillusioned homebuyers failed to snap it up.

The 76-year-old illusionist is now offering Sonning Court for sale at £7.95m – less than half its price tag of eight years ago.

The White House-inspired property is a stunning riverside home on the banks of the River Thames in Berkshire.

It has an entertainment hall and bar, state-of-the-art cinema and a professional gym.

The spoon-bending TV personality first put the home on the market for £15m in 2015, when he decided to move back to his native Israel.

Uri Geller has reduced the price of his Berkshire property to £7.95m

The famous spoon bender has lived in the White House inspired property for decades 

Inside the mansion is decked out with pristine marble floors and wide staircases cut through the property

It has a decidedly modern and upmarket feel which is expected given the price 

It has a host of amazing facilities like this jacuzzi bath tub 

But he couldn’t find a buyer so he rented it out until the end of last year.

He has now decided to part with his long-term home for good and put it up for sale with Savills.

In his time there, Geller has hosted royalty, world-famous musicians and sport stars, as well as presidents.

The Queen’s cousin, Prince Michael of Kent, was a regular visitor.

When Geller and his wife Hanna renewed their wedding vows in 2001, they held a big party at the house with Michael Jackson as Uri’s best man.

Duests included illusionist David Blaine, TV presenter Sir David Frost and musician Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics.

The house was built in 1970, but has been renovated and expanded since Geller and his family bought it in 1986.

The property had originally been touted to sell at £15million 

The house is filled with artwork collected by Uri over the years 

There are also several mind bending pieces of artwork adorning the walls 

The house has beautiful views overlooking the River Thames 

The property is in the village of Sonning, Berks, which is popular with celebrities – the Clooneys and Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page also own homes there.

Standout features include a panorama room with unmatched views of the Thames and a glass meditation pyramid in the garden, but it also has the usual trappings of a luxury mansion included a heated pool, jacuzzi and a helicopter pad.

Sonning Court also has 111-metre moorings on the Thames, which is practically unheard of in this prime location.

The main house has over 10,000 sq ft of accommodation with a reception hall, two drawing rooms, a grand glass atrium, panorama room, dining room, study, conservatory, kitchen and separate maid’s quarter on the ground floor.

In the basement there is an entertainment hall, cinema and gym and on the first floor are eight bedrooms and bathrooms.

There is also a separate cellar with wine vault, panic room and safe.

The private grounds come with a delightful private bridge 

It is located on one of the most sought after stretches of the River Thames 

Outside there are Japanese water gardens with koi pond and a traditional Japanese bridge and three interlinked ponds and a 6ft natural waterfall.

There is a four-car garage with a flat above, a professional floodlit tennis court and a large heated, covered swimming pool.

Sonning Court owns about 250m of the towpath of the River Thames, with the mooring accommodating up to 18 boats.

Uri Geller said: ‘One of the things I have loved most about living at Sonning Court for over three decades has to be its location on the river.

‘Throughout history, this stretch of the Thames has always been considered as one of the most magical. In fact, Jerome K. Jerome in his book ‘Three Men in a Boat’ described Sonning as ‘the most fairy-like little nook on the whole river’ and who can blame him.

Who is Uri Geller?

Self-proclaimed psychic Uri Geller, 76, is a British Israeli illusionist who shot to fame in the 1970s. 

Geller’s most eye catching feat was his ability to bend spoons – seemingly with his mind. 

At the height of his fame, Geller was brought to Stanford Research Institute in August 1973. 

Whilst there, CIA experts tried to judge whether he had paranormal abilities over a period of eight days.

After the series of tests, the CIA concluded Geller ‘demonstrated his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner’. 

‘With the home’s elevated position on the river-bend, which is safe from the risk of flooding, you are constantly treated to far-reaching views down the water from all parts of the house – it really is a piece of living art that changes throughout the year.

‘While the house itself is beautifully Palladian in style and visitors frequently tell me how much it looks like the White House in Washington, whether that’s stars of entertainment, royalty or presidents.

‘Externally when I bought the house I extended it to make it more balanced and symmetrical, while internally my passion for design continues as I am a great believer in the ancient art of Feng Shui.

‘Subsequently Sonning Court has been designed so positive energy can flow throughout the house at ease and impact those who are living there.

‘Another of the really special things about Sonning Court is its seclusion and privacy, most people who drive through the village would have no idea that this house was here.

‘The fact that you have to drive through two gates to enter and being really set back, makes you feel like you are entering into your own world when you arrive home.’

The house has its own state of the art gym 

And a fully functioning cinema room

It was originally put on the market eight years ago for £15million 

Uri Geller wants to sell the property as he now lives in Israel

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