Um, Joy Villa Just Showed Up at the Grammys Dressed as Trump's Wall

The Grammys are THE time for celebrities to roll up to the red carpet looking completely bizarre, and no one does it better, by which I mean more controversially, than Joy Villa.

In case you aren’t aware, Joy is an American singer who’s pretty well known for her iffy Grammys looks (we’ll get to them in a moment), but nothing…er, beats this one. Behold, Joy dressed as Trump’s controversial ~wall~ complete with barbed wire shoulders and a “Make America Great Again” purse.

And yeah, you better believe there was a surprise lurking under all that metallic fabric:

This isn’t the first time Joy’s gone with a casual MAGA theme at the Grammys…here’s her look from 2017:

And here’s what she wore last year:

Okay then! Good times!

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