UK’s strongest man and woman become ultimate power couple after falling in love

Britain’s henchest man and woman have become the ultimate power couple.

Paul Smith, 28, holds the title of UK’s Strongest Man and his partner, Shannon, 29, won the title of World’s Strongest Woman in 2021.

The dynamic duo met back in 2017, when Paul visited a gym Shannon was training at.

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They began dating two years later – and haven’t looked back since.

Paul popped the question in 2021, when he got down on one knee next to a waterfall in the Yorkshire Dales.

They got hitched back in September and say the secret to a happy relationship is coaching each other in the gym.

Nutritionist Shannon, from Oldham, said: "We knew of each other from the Strongman circle and chatted a bit online, and then met in the gym.

"My gym closed so I ended up going to the gym where he trained and we started chatting a lot more then.

“We spoke and got along but I don't think either of us was that interested in a relationship – but one thing led to another and as we're both in the same sport and similar jobs.

"It just turned into a relationship and I don't think either of us was really expecting it. We got married in Cyprus – it was a really small wedding, there were only seven people there in total.

"We got to spend so much time together, it was the perfect wedding – everything was about us. We spent a little bit of time with our guests but it was all about us which was perfect.”

Shannon added: "We've always trained together or in the same gym – we don't always train the same as it depends on the events we're doing.

“We haven't got much in terms of future relationship plans – hopefully I'll be pregnant."

The couple do have plenty of fitness goals to focus on though.

Paul, who weighs 130kg (20st) and can deadlift 380kg (60st), is preparing to compete in Britain's Strongest Man competition in 2023.

Meanwhile, Shannon, who weighs 64kg (10st) and can deadlift 222kg (34st), is aiming for the 2024 World's Strongest Woman title.

Shannon said: "Paul's got lots of competitions next year – I'm just training and not competing as we're hoping to try for a baby soon.

"I was last year's World's Strongest Woman in my weight class and hopefully I'll come back to take the title in 2024.

“We help coach each other and help each other out – it feels like a normal part of our relationship."

Paul added: "It's great to have Shannon around in the gym, training and at competitions – it's great that she can support me and I can support her.

“We really understand where the other one is coming from and having that kind of help is invaluable.”


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