Twins run same OnlyFans page and are hit on by same men – but won’t share

Identical twins who run a "naughty" OnlyFans page have finally addressed their most answered question – revealing that they never share the same man.

Olivia and Jessica Sysak – known as the Sysak Twins online – boast over 500,000 followers on TikTok where they perform trending dances in identical clothing and bleach blonde hair.

The codependent twins are also models, and have attracted attention for their OnlyFans account, where they promise subscribers access to “naughty” content.

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However, appearing recently on the Pillow Talk podcast, Olivia and Jessica revealed that they are a lot more private about their sex lives than their online presence suggests.

“We don’t talk about sex a lot with each other because it cringes us out,” Olivia admitted.

“I feel like a lot of guys are like, ‘oh the twins do stuff together, threesomes, whatever’, it’s the guy’s fantasy but we just don’t.”

Jessica agreed, adding: “I don’t want to hear an in detail story about my sister.”

In fact, the pair revealed that they had even set hard boundaries when it came to dating, despite often being attracted to the same type of person.

“If she even kisses a dude, I become unattracted to them,” Olivia stressed.

“I don’t want a guy that likes my sister,” Jessica continued.

“It’s like a confidence thing too, it’s like, ‘you prefer my sister it seems, so no. You’ve got to pick one.”

And, despite hosting an adult page together, the twins were quick to deny that anything sexual had ever occurred between them.

“We don’t f*** ourselves if that’s what you’re asking,” Olivia acknowledged. “Not everybody on OnlyFans is a full-blown porn star.”

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Despite being clear about their own boundaries when it comes to adult modelling and sex, the pair admitted that their identical looks invite approaches from the same men.

“We talk about it, we’ll be like, ‘did this guy DM you?’ And we’ll go over it each day like let’s compare,” Jessica said.

However, Olivia admitted that this often goes both ways, adding: “We DM the same guys also, so we’ll have to check with each other before we DM somebody.”


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