Twins Celebrate Turning 102 — and Becoming Britain's Oldest — with Perfectly Pink Party

What’s better than living to 102? Living to 102 with your best friend!

Identical twin sisters Phyllis Jones and Irene Crump enjoyed that very pleasure on Tuesday, Nov. 20, (local time) when the centenarians turned 102, according to Cater News Agency. They were born in 1916 with Phyllis arriving some 25 minutes earlier. They’ve lived under the reign of four monarchs, seen two World Wars and 20 prime ministers.

To celebrate, the sisters decorated their shared home in Stourport, U.K., with pink and silver balloons, and they each had their own white cake. The ladies told the outlet that the secret to their youthfulness is eating lots of fish and having two strong drinks at a time.

Phyllis’s son, Carl, 59, who discovered that they were the oldest living twins in Britain, said of the occasion: “I feel very proud of mum and Aunty Rene, I’ve always been very proud of them both.”

He plans to contact the Guinness Book of World Records eventually about his research. In the meantime, though, his family is “having a little party for them at home. My mum, Phyllis, has vascular dementia, so we don’t want to take her anywhere that will make her feel uncomfortable.”

Carl continued, “I definitely hope there’s going to be more birthdays. My mum isn’t mentally well with her dementia, but she’s fighting fit and certainly doesn’t look 102 — and neither does Aunty Rene! Aunty Rene uses a walking frame, but she definitely doesn’t need one.”

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On their 100th birthday, Queen Elizabeth sent them a personalized card. Jones and Crump are scheduled to receive another when they turn 105.

“They … are really feisty — they have to being sisters and twins!” Carl added.

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